First marathon (which one?)


As I sit here at my desk (!) thinking about Sunday and how great I felt after finishing my first half-marathon, at Silverstone, I am now thinking about my first marathon.

I want to allow plenty of time to up my level from where I am currently to marathon-ready, so I am erring towards the Autumn.

I am someone who has to have soemthing to work / aim towards, I think next Spring is too far away, so I'm thinking this Autumn.

There seem to be a few around Septemeber / October, and my question is can anyone offer any words, etc, about which one would make for a good first marathon.

By good, I mean one that won't scare me off doing a subsequent one, one that people have run and found well organised and efficient, good atmosphere, etc.

I have heard the Chester Marathon is quite good.

Thank you!






  • If you're willing to travel, Amsterdam is a good one.

    Very flat, very well-organised, start and finish in the Olympic stadium image

  • Thanks Wilkie, will check it out.

    Hi David, I'm based in London and more than happy to travel anywhere UK / short-haul to Europe.


  • Amsterdam was pretty reasonable on prices too. I have just booked the race, flights and hotel for it.

    I have heard the race itself is a bit boring. Then again any run around a flat city route isn't going to thrill you much image A stadium finish is nice though.

  • I've got Amsterdam booked too. A couple of friends of mine are running it as well and we're turning it into a mini-holiday. image

  • I am very tempted to sign up for Amsterdam.

    Thoguh I might do the Yorkshire Marathon, for charity, as my family live closeby, so would have lots of on-hand support!


  • I have signed-up for the Chester Marathon on 6th October.

    The reviews I read are on the whole very positive and it's up north, so the family will be on close-hand for support.

    And plenty of time to train.


  • I was just about to suggest Chester, its excellent as a first marathon, not too hilly one hill about mile 19 and 21 and then abit of a killer at 24, but rest is flat, great views travelling in and out of Wales, lovely support in villages, great support running thru the city of Chester itself and great coming back into the stadium at the end too, I would highly recommend it, anything u wanna ask about it feel free, oh and it has a great medal
  • That's really good to hear, as it'll be my first I wanted to pick one that hopefully won't put me off doing another one in the future!

    And thank you for offering to answer any questions I have, I may just take you up on the offer.



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