Bone marrow donation

Because I've got to - next month.   Just wondered what to expect in terms of recovery.  

I have to travel 100 odd miles to do it so I'm wondering about getting home that evening - and then whether it's worth entering any races for a week or so (or maybe more?) after.   Am I likely to be up to driving back, train journey even ?  



  • My Mum did this a few years ago for her Sister.

    A few days before the event, she received 2 injections per day for 3 days to promote the cell growth that they would retrieve via a blood device that is connected to both arms.

    You will feel pretty much like a bloater come the last day as your blood will be pretty thick, but as for side effects my Mum had none.

    When having your blood cleaned of the excess cells, you should receive an injection to counter a feeling/taste of "metal mouth", something to do with the loss of the cells.

    This injection is important, if you start to have this sensation you need to let them know asap. They weren't on the ball in giving it to my Mum and she was a little unwell but this was only for an hour or so afterwards.

    It takes a while to complete, so just relax. After it's done I think it's a couple of hours before your cells are transplanted/transfused into the recipient.

    Mum was good to go home the same day, and next day she was as right as rain, no problems.

    May be best to have a driver, or give yourself a good few hours rest after but I'm sure you'll be ok. Plenty of sweet tea and biscuits. You'll be well looked after by the hospital as you're just as important as the patient.

    Good luck.

  • on the list but never called up.........hope it all goes well

  • The Anthony Nolan website should have a description of what's involved, sadly my work internet is on a go slow at the moment. I'm assuming as your talking about travelling back the same day that your not having a general anaesthetic and lumbar puncture but donating stem cells by the take the blood out, process it and then put it back in method.

    I know with general they say that you need to allow a week to 10 days to recover.

    There is a time limit on how long they have between your donation and getting it to the recipient for the transplant. Its long enough to be able to get a donation from the USA to the UK for instance.

    Congratulations on being a match for someone, your a hero and a life saver.

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭
    What RIPP said, good on you, I'm too old to donate, but it is such a simple thing and a life saver.
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    It's my brother otherwise I'd be too old - I'm not on the register.   

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