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Hi can someone offer me some advice i have been training for 11 weeks now to compete in the half marathon in plymouth on april 28th, up until last tuesday i did a 8 mile run and after 6 miles i was getting niggling pains in my left knee on the left knee. Through the day and early morning next day it swelled up quite badly so i thought on the safe side i will rest it for a week. I want gym on monday and did weight training and even squats and my knee was fine. I went for a 8 mile run yesterday and it was fine until i stopped my knee was really sore yesterday and evn this morning its still not right. I am not sure what it is or what to do as ive only got 8 weeks to go for the race. It seems like i need to rest a bit longer but im worried now as ive trained so well and now its looking bleak on my running the race, i feel awful at the moment has anyone had a simular injury to me thanks


  • Ive been having a bit of a problem with my right knee the past couple of weeks but it doesn't sound half as bad as yours. Mine doesn't hurt when Im running it just aches for the rest of the day afterward, my thread is about 5 down from this one, have a look at it, it may help. Mike

  • Hi mate thanks for your reply i will take a look. I m not sure what my problem is its seems minor but its not as its effecting my running, not sure if ive overtrained but i have done it for 3 months and trained 3 times a week building up the distance. But im not sure if is a tendon, ligament or muscle problem. It is on the side of the knee but i feel ok now image

  • Hi i spoke to an old friend who is a pretty expierienced runner he said to me that i should of gone to the gym and i probably done to much of a distance on the 1st run. As he has had a simular injuey in the past he thinks ive over trained maybe on hills as ive done a lot of hill work. He has said to me to stary away from the gym for a while and rest for another 10 days then from then do 2 mile easy runs every day to keep my fitness up and get active rest straight after it, not sure what he means by that but between the lines he thinks i will be ok if i train slowly for a few weeks. Just wondering if he is right or can anyone offer me anything else which may help, thankyou

  • Been resting for a few days so on saturday i tried using the treadmill and i ran 2 mile on it and then did 8 mile on then bike interval training to keeo my fitness up. I have done it past 3 days on my knee seems fine( no pain or niggles). Can anyone help we on what to do next, would it be top early to get back on the road or should i continue what i am doing for a couple of weeks. My half marathon is only 7 weeks away so trying to get in the best condition i can. A friend of mine thinks i may of overtrained on running hills which may have give my knee problems, not sure hopefully someone could put me right on this, Thanks

  • Personally, I would build mileage back up grandually on the treadmill for a couple of weeks before trying the pavement again, and then afterwards I'd still try to do some of my time running on trails or on the treadmill right up until the race day to lessen the impact.

    When you say you did 8 miles, do you mean you did that every time you ran? That is not really ideal if so. If you are running at near your limits all the time, you are bound to overdo it somewhere.

    You should mix different types of running - your longest run every week should be noticeably longer than your others, and a good bit slower than you intend to run at on the day. You need to mix this one long run up with some shorter runs, intervals, tempo runs etc... Bascially, a lot of your training sessions should be shorter distances at faster speeds than you will race at. It is also probably not strictly needed to do more than about 10-11 miles on your longest run in preparation. Have you looked at typical 1/2 marathon training plans?

    Also, have you had your gait checked and got proper advice on footwear?

    I'm not an expert, but it doesn't look like the people who are have replied, so the above is just based on experience as a recreational runner. Best of luck!

  • Hi Rob thanks for replying to my post, ive been following the intermediate plan from Bupa and i have been building it up for 8 weeks till this happened. I do 2 runs a week like you said, 1 long run, 1 tempo run then i will do hill training on the 3rd day. I havent checked my gait or footwear but funny enough i am going into town tommorow to get it checked out and if need be i will get some new trainers, Be interested to see if my running form is right as before 8 weeks ago ive never really ran but i really enjoy it now and im so looking forward to my 1st half marathon. Just hoping the niggle will go but since saturday running 2 mile a day ive had no problem yet !

  • To be fair the 3 runs i did a week i went for it big time, so that could a problem why i have it !

  • I would definitely get the right footwear. I learned this the hard way when I started running. I just put my normal cross-training type shoes on and set off out the door one day and went from there. I had no problems until I got to about 6 miles of continuous run, then I started to get sore feet and ankles, it got very bad before I read up on it properly and did something about it.

    You don't really have a right or wrong gait - it isn't really like lifting weights where you have 'form' that is either good or bad, and can be readily changed. You either have a neutral gait, or you roll your foot/ankle towards the inside (under pronation) or outside (over pronation). You also either strike mid-foot or heel first - you pretty much are what you are & need shoes that either cushion or support your running gait correctly.

    Running shoes also need to be a bit bigger than your usual shoe size to account for natural swelling of your foot on a long run. I'm size 10 but have always run in 11's since getting fitted for proper shoes.

  • Hi Rob went to the running shop today he took a look at my trainers and said they were worn out and said it looks like i landed weird on my right foot. It watched my run and said the both my feet were different on landing and he reccomended me some new ones. I tryed on 4 or 5 different ones and finally got a pair that feel really good. For me knee he thinks its the ITBS and its just wear and tear as ive probably not running right in form with the trainers i had as my knee would go outwards but now they are in line with my toes. I didnt really understand a lot of it but he thinks in a couple of weeks it will go away. It is a rubbing sensation which inflames as im not used to running long distances. He said i should get back on the road and do timing runs now for a couple of weeks to get used to the trainers and then i should be ok to run longer distances again. I thinks if i can run 8 mile now i should be fine by the time of the race comes but i need to be confident in my mind that my knee will not be a problem !. Im not to sure what to do now, how many runs should i do a week now and what should i do on them runs, thanks

  • Now i know what my injury is can anyone explain to me best way to make it heal faster and anyone know what recovery time is, im booked in to do half marathon in 6 weeks but trying to train best i can, has anyone ever suffered with this injury or even ran a marathon with it

  • Run off road, especially on grass. Avoid hills & take your pace right down until the pain has gone completely. Walk if it hurts. Shorten your distances so that you are not running into pain, and maybe run more regularly. Cross-train (cycle, elliptical, rower etc) warm up before & stretch properly after every run. But you know all this don't you! - its common sense after all! Hoping I can take my own advice and make it round that Marathon I'm supposed to be doing in a month!! ...Good Luck!
  • Hi guys went to physio on monday and she said it was not my IT band. She said my ligaments and tensons were all fine. She things where the cartledge is i may have some bruising around the bone down to my running trainers and muscle fatigue. My inner quad muscle needs re building as the muscle there is nothing near as big as the one on my right leg !. Not sure if anyone else has had this issue

  • Hi Thought i would re use this thread as its all simular to what im going to ask, since i changed my running trainers 3 weeks ago my training has gone really well i even completed a 12 mile run on sunday which im delighted with. I have left it a few days as i have had a bit of muscle fatique in my legs. I went for an easy 5 mile run today but i didnt enjoy it for some reason i felt realy tired and legs felt tired to, going onto 3 miles plus my knee started again but its no where near as bad as last time but what was bothering me was my feet were really hurting me and im not sure why. Im not sure weather its due to working nights last week and ive had a terrible nights sleep last night but not sure what to do now as ive only got 3 weeks till my half marathon. Should i rest or continue ive been told by a friend that i should spend the next week doing easy low mile runs but im sat here now and i can feel a niggle in my knee but its not hurting. What should i do...... image

  • done 3 mile easy run and knee was fine today, not sure whats going on really bit confused. Only issue i had was i just felt really tired not sure if im eating enough or just training to much !

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