Improve 10k times

Can someone help me with a training plan.  Currently I'm running 10ks at 37 mins.  I want to improve this to sub 35 mins. 

At the moment when I do 10k's I'm totally flat out.  I can't really find any decent running plans online to help me make this leap. 

If someone could point me in the right direction, I'd be very greatful.  I generally run 4 times a week for 40-45 mins. 


  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Robert, I've made that exact journet the last 3 years, and no reason you can't, in fact you have plenty of potential as you're barely running.

    Short term, gently add more mileage, make one run a week your "Long run" gradually lengthening this.

    Mid term, add a tempo or speedwork session a week

    Long term, 1 tempo, 1 speedwork, 1 long slow run, and as much easy pace running as you can fit in. (all added progressively, all run to the correct pace zones)

    McMillan is a good website for giving you a guide on pacing. Most runners tend to run too fast on days they shouldn't. You save the fast work for the tempo and speedwork, everything else is "easy" pace.

  • Is there a club nearby with similar standard or better runners you can join for interval sessions? It'll redefine your definition of flat out and from the information you've given, it sounds like you need to make 10k pace (which shouldn't feel flat out until late into the race) feel easier by regularly doing faster paced intervals - along with all the other aerobic base work at different paces like SG suggests. Most running clubs also come equipped with a set of vets who are more than happy to share their experiences and knowledge!


  • Hi

    Thanks for your suggestion.  The nearest club I have is London Heathside, however I'm generally an early morning runner i.e 630am.  I find it extremely difficult in the evenings.  I tend to get stitches quite easily. 



  • Rob, 

    that's some very impressive times off what some would consider little mileage. Well done. If you find a magic answer please feel free to share image. I'm in the same boat and will monitor your progress. Best of luck!

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Ah Mr Copout.  There is a good thread that might help, but the rate of improvement might be too slow for your liking image

  • Thanks for the tip but there's far too many novice joggers on that particular thread for my liking image


  • I think I'm going to do to the following:

    Monday 6 x 1 mile runs aim for 6min miles - walk 2 mins between miles

    Wednesday: 20mins at 15km  - 1min sprint 19kph then 1 min walk x 10

    Friday: repeat Monday

    Saturday: Long run to include hills and general stamina - maybe 1hr-1hr30. 

  • I recently ran a 35:24 10k on a windy day, so I was probably pretty close to 35 min fitness. I was in Marathon training at the time (currently injured and the Marathon is looking like it wont go ahead for me), the race was in a down week so I was pretty fresh. I havn’t done any repetition/interval work for a while, I just increased the mileage with a decent tempo or long Marathon Pace run each week.

    Last year my mileage was in the 40 – 50 mpw ballpark, this year for the Marathon I upped this to 60-65 mpw and improved.
    Remember the 10k is still an aerobic event, the best thing you can do to improve is to work on aerobic fitness.

    As you arent training much at all now, I would forget 2 x interval sessions per week and one minute sprints, you just need to get out and run more, keeping most of your mileage easy (no faster than 7:30 per mile for you). Add in a tempo run to improve upper aerobic fitness and then add in hard intervals as you get towards your target 10k, these will help you sharpen.  Doing a couple of sets of strides per week will also be a good idea for you (anyone for that matter).

    Also agree with John, get to a club with some better runners than you, they will help you improve. Forget all this nonsense about not running on an evening and get out and train with others, it helps!

  • B.T.W running on a morning before breakfast is a good thing, helps to train you body to burn fat as a fuel source, this can lead to being a more efficient runner. So keep doing that, but mix it up with club sessions on an evening is a good idea IMO.

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