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  • How does everyone juggle the parkruns with their long runs?

    I am new to running and currently trying to build up my long runs for my first half marathon later in the year and up to about 8 miles which I usually do on a Sunday, but would really like to do some parkruns to help increase my speed. I was thinking perhaps swapping a long run for a park run maybe once a month and then doing a tempo run perhaps Wed or Thurs on the other weeks. Does this sound about right? 

  • as a few others have said, I run six miles to the parkrun, do it quick, then run six miles back. works out as a longish run with some intense cardio in the middle. perfect.

    i feel my heart gets more benefit from that than a 20 mile plod.

  • Oscarsmum - I'm new to running as well, just over 3 months so far, and it was parkrun that got me started. As I've learned a bit more about running, I've been told, am beginning to understand and also see the benefits of the long run, and I'm reluctant to give up one in favour of the other so most weeks I'm doing both. I'm also up to about 8 miles with my long run by the way.

    Some would probably say that having 2 'hard' days back-to-back is too much, particularly in the early days, but I'm 42 years old and so far so good in terms of avoiding injury and the rapid improvements I'm seeing in my running.

    Is there any other reason why you couldn't do both yourself?
  • I did a couple of Northampton parkruns in the autumn.  Massive confidence boost when I was down - everyone was really friendly and positive, and I had a great time.

    It's been a while since I've been, but not because I didn't enjoy it.  Flu, starting marathon training (Saturday morning long run), and spending quite a few weekends away have got in the way.  I'm hoping to shift the long run to Sunday and get back to parkrunning, though - it's a very short warmup jog away from my house, so I really have no excuse not to!

  • Oscarsmum - I did my first HM for 10 years last week. From November I did long runs on a Mon Tues or Weds depending on commitments. Used Parkrun as my weekly tempo run, one lap (1mile) as a warm up about 20 mins before the start, then tracksuit off and line up for the 3 laps at HM pace, don't forget a warm down lap after getting your barcodes scanned. I did warm up/down at easy pace (HM pace + 90secs per mile).

    My other run was an easy pace, but took in a hill en-route for which I kept my pace but let my heart rate climb and then fall back after. Found it really useful for the course which was very hilly.

    Slowly built up to about 20 miles/week 3 weeks from event, then tapered down.

    Although I got a bad cold the week before and stopped running, I was really pleased with my training which I could feel benefitted me on the day.

    Good luck for yours.

  • Big bad Bob, I am a similar age , 43, but over the last 4 years have had 6 hip surgeries, including 2 major ones to reconstruct my sockets so although I have been back running a year have had to build it up very slowly to avoid injury due to various muscle weaknesses/inbalances. Thats why I want to try and keep the hard sessions as far away from each other as possible.

    Chazzersdad, well done to you for completing your HM last week! I think I need to try and juggle my long runs to midweek which should be easier once the nights get lighter. We live in quite a hilly area so cant really avoid them on the longer runs, which can be hard but I'm sure will be a benefit in the long term. Do you have anymore planned?

    Parkruns sound such a great idea, I would love to run to one and then run home again but our nearest is about 14 miles away so unfortunately thats not a feasible idea....though a house move might be image 


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