New Forest Marathon 2013



  • Sub 5hr for entry 

    different times for different start pens I'm hoping for pen c which is 3hr20-3hr40

  • Last 20miler done today. Taper. See you all on the start line. 

  • good luck Bakkies image

    Has anyone been sent their race pack yet? Got my t-shirt a while back but no sign of the pack - the website says to contact them if you've not got it by Sept!

  • I've emailed the chip people this morning for some clarification. According to the website you only get a pack if you sent an SAE which I didn't. I'm assuming you pick up your chip on the morning of the race. 

  • The details should be in the joining email which I can't find now. Doh!

  • Thanks Ryan 

    good luck 

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Hi all,

    I'm looking forward to this race. A group of us from the thread are camping just outside new milton the night before and planning on making a weekend of it. Is everyone now in taper mode?

    Ryan - i got my tshirt too - if i remember correctly - you should be picking up everything on race morning but I could be mistaken :/

  • I've got the original emails from FR systems and there's nothing on there about it!!

    Oh well, just have to wait and see image

  • FRSystems have replied. Due to send out packs two weeks before event. 

  • Hi guys

    I'm doing the half again. Done it last year and loved it. Also got my T-Shirt a while ago but no race pack yet. Didn't even worry about it as last year a nice pack arrived before the event, so it didn't even cross my mind that none would arrive. Fingers crossed they will arrive soon image
  • Got the pack in the post today - very exciting stuff.

    Number 156 image

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Great news Ryan! Thanks for confirming.. i'll be expecting mine any day!

  • My pack arrived yesterday. 

  • My race pack arrived today image Can't wait for the 22nd!
  • Final proper long run today - 17 arduous mile after racing a 5 miler yesterday. All about the recovery now image

  • I have run this twice - a long time ago mind (2003 and 2004) - far fewer people then - I think there were only about 200( which meant I managed to win the senior women in an extremely average time of 3.56, haha!! Happy days!) I haven't read all the threads on here, but it really is a fantastic race and not really undulating - it's largely flat as I recall with a few minor slopes here and there! However, there was quite a big hill at about mile 21 ish which I walked up (it probably wasn't that big, but at mile 21, it felt it!)  but what goes up, must come down!! It's a beautiful course, I remember a stretch through some woods at about 15 miles where there was no-one around me, just me, the trees and the open road...bloody great!!! Hope you all enjoy it! There used to be a burger van at the end tooimage 

  • Hi, for those that have run this before....what drinks do they have at the drinks stations? Is it water only or do they have some sort of lucozade type drink as well? Many thanks

  • Big hill at 21miles should be an interesting wake up.

    I'm feeling tired and restless at the same time. Hope it's a good sign, people are sneezing and coughing at work. Grrrr!

  • Been fervently checking long range weather forecast and it looks like it could be pretty warm on Sunday - 21/22 degrees and no wind with little cloud cover

  • I think I can just about cope with that. Better than the heat we've had this summer. 

  • Good luck everyone! image

    Looks like weather will be nice too.
  • well this may come as a surprise but i am hopelessly underprepared with my longest run in the last 4 months being 5k and now ive got to run 4 times that distance (HM ... couldnt find the HM thread).  still ignorance is bliss... how hard can it be.

  • What a lovely day for a race. image  The race itself was really well organised and I manged to better my last years time by over 3 minutes.

  • I am ruined! Undulating? Where do they make these terms up. Part trail. Must have been at least 5miles. 

    Superb race. I'm coming back next year. 

    Is that 1000ft ascent accurate?

  • It is Tim - I am also ruined!

  • Results are up! image
  • .. And don't forget.. Pain is temporary- Internet results are foreverimage
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I had a great day out. Lovely race, loved the support all around but didnt like the cars image



  • fell apart at 23 miles but managed to hang on to get my comrades c pen qualification I agree traffic was not the best especially when entering the town near the end 

  • What a great race! The second off road section seemed to got on and on and on!


    Fantastic support from all the volunteers went a long long way!


    Well organised and a decent route so well done NFM!


    See you next year

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