What Have I Done?!?!

Hey guys,


Time to 'fess up!!! Back in January, I needed an incentive and focus to get me back into the gym, so I did something utterly ridiculous....... I signed myself up for the Bristol 10k!!!! image


I suppose I thought it was so far away, it would be easy, but now there's only 8 1/2 weeks to go and I am completely freaked out!! image


I am doing pretty well with my running and can run 2 miles in 27 minutes, which I am happy about, However, I am now freaking out that I might not be able to able to run a full 10k in time for race day!!! I have thought about dropping out quite a few times, but my cousin (who may I add is NOT a runner!!!) keeps talking me into keeping it up and how proud she will be to see me do it!! I'm not a quitter, but I am quite concerned that a, I won't be able to complete the course, b, I will be the slowest person there and c, I will make a complete fool of myself!!!! image


Can anyone give me any advice??  What should I do?? Drop out, or go for it?!?!






  • go for it.even if you ahve to walk some of it..you won't be last........try and get out running 3 times a wek.don't worry about speed......just try and build up to 3 miles and then slowly make one of the runs longer......you will be fine

     good luck

  • no david.

     you can run the whole way at a pace of 13.4 min miling and thats a very hard pace to walk at for more than a few steps.....


  • GO FOR IT!

    Run more often, build up your endurance with long slow runs, you've got plenty of time, just keep at it and take it steady, 8 1/2 weeks is a long time to improve.

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    You still have plenty of time to train for this race even at your present mileage. 10 is only 6 miles, you can already run 2 miles and you have another 8 weeks to train.

    Building up mileage is really quite easy, you'll surprise yourself about it. Try running 2.5 miles on your next run. If you are running on the dreadmill at the gym then just dial in the extra distance, or after your 2 mile run, get off the treadie, stretch, rest and then get back on to run the extra distance.

    Don't worry about pace at this time, running slower is better than going flat out and realising that you can only run 100yds before you collapse.


  • Thanks Guys!! You've made me feel a lot better!! x
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