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I am currently training for my first marathon and have opted to carry a few gels on a route. When I do my long runs at the moment I carry the gels in my camelbak? But obviously I won't be wearing this at the event.

I was just wondering what do people usually use to carry gels etc on route? I'm not too keen on putting the gels in the pockets and was wondering what belts people could recommend (or any other comfortable and easy ideas)



  • A gel belt. I use a high5 belt as I use their gels. You probably need to buy the belt to match your gels ?
  • spibelts are the comfiest I have found.

  • StiltsStilts ✭✭✭
    Sports world do a Karrimor version of the Spibelt for about a quarter of the price, it's neat and comfy
  • Iv just bought a hi five one too and tried it out tonight. Only holds 3 gels but they stayed put!!
  • My high5 holds at least six and then there's the pouch too ?
  • Decathlon do a number belt that holds at least 6

  • I have a pair of north face shorts that have 4 pockets on the back and a zip up pocket. Can carry 5 gels easily or 6 if you put 2 in the zip pocket.

    I also have a couple of pairs where I have had gel pockets stitched on. Saves the need for the belt.

  • Some gels are thinner/thicker than others. I'd try and get the belt that matches if possible. I think my H5 gels would fall out of an SIS belt ?
  • Thanks for all the replies. The gels are High5 so I will definately look at that belt as it appears to be doing the trick for you guys. 

    Do you know anyone who has used flipbelt I read about in RW a few editions back? 


  • Looks good

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