bone bruise on knee

I injured my knee in a stupid twisting jerking motion, i saw a physio who diagnosed it as a bone bruise. I was training quite hard for a marathon and had to stop running, 6 and a half weeks later and it still hurts to go up and down stairs or hurts at the end of the day if ive been on my feet all day. Has anyone had this happen to them or can anyone tell me how long it might take to heal ? I used r.i.c.e at first and am resting it as much as i can but really want to start running again. Thanks Gary  


  • I am in the same position Gary - went to the phyio 2 days ago and he said bone bruise, but my pain is sharp and I thought more in the patella tendon. I am so gutted as I am meant to run the JCC 3 marathons in 3 days in just over two weeks.. I am literally sitting here with an ice pack wondering what to do as my race is meant to climb 3000ft a day over hard coastal terrain.. i am wondering if anyone has any advice about rehab/recovery plan?

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    I'm just looking around to find a physio.  i've got a similar issue... image

    Twisted my knee slightly now it's ok most of the time but really sore trying to walk down stairs not sure if it's IT Band or some sort of knee twist.

    Was still ok to run until last night knee just doesn't want my full weight on it now.  So gotta bite the bullet.

  • Went to second physio and he says not bone bruise but inflammed soft tissue around the knee and damage to the fatty pad at the top of the knee (from when my leg hyper extended).. Bad news is no quick recovery - the tissue inflammation needs to go down so that the kneecap tracks over the knee instead of deviating. I have very tight ITB and adductors so lots of foam rollering, gym and getting in the pool but absolutely no running for next week and half.. he also recommended a non hinged knee brace and to keep taking anti inflammatories, massage and ice at the end of everyday.. come the race weekend then I am just going to take lots of painkillers and hope for the best.  

    Good luck to you both..


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