Garmin Forerunner 410 now discontinued

Just noticed that the Garmin forerunner 410 has now been dropped on the Garmin website both here and in the States. It now appears only in the discontinued section of their shop. 

That does leave quite a big gap between the 210 and 610 in terms of spec. Could something new be on its way Or is the 310XT seen as the gap filler?

Worth keeping an eye on Amazon, the price is already down at £131, we could see it drop even further.

Now I just sit and wait for everyone who disliked the bezel to say good riddance.



  • I have the 410, I understand what people say about the bezel, my first one broke but had a new one sent within a few days and no complaints. I thought the 610 had a bezel as well as touch screen? The 610 is the one to get, I only got the 410 due to my budget.

  • Have had my 405 since 08, never had a problem with the bezel.

    610 looks good, although there have been reports of case corrosion after 6 months or so. Good clear display but still problems with battery life duration

  • If you want one grab them while the price is low. When they discontinued the 305 you could pick them up for £85 for a while, then suddenly the price shot up again. If you can get hold of a new one now it'll set you back nearly £200.

  • Looks like the price for the 410 is down to £125 on Amazon.  There must be a price point at which the bezel issue is outweighed by the functionality on offer for the £s.


  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Handtec are offering the 410 "newly overhauled", ie factory refurbished and as new I suppose, for under £100.

    "Due in soon", so if you're bothered keep an eye on it.

  • It's not a 410 but if you want a 310XT but I've just bought one of these for £126:

    I'm on my fourth 910 in the past 12 months and I wanted something to use when the 910 is not working. It may be a refurb (turned up in a generic Garmin box) but it was still pretty cheap compared to everyone else.

  • You've had FOUR 910s in the last year? What's been going wrong with them?

  • The altimeter goes wrong and tells me that whenever I'm running or cycling I'm at about 60,000ft (I've done loads of altitude training). All the same fault, all swapped under warranty with no quibbles, warranty soon going to run out!

    If you wander round the internet forums you'll find it isn't an uncommon problem (although having the same thing 3 times probably is!)


  • The 310 above looks a good buy at that price. Has anybody any experience of the 405?

    Sorry for the slight thread hijack, I just didn't want to start another "which Garmin" thread...
  • I've had a 405 since 2008/9 and its still going fine although the battery life is now just six hours rather than the eight it was originally. The touch bezel is annoying in the wet - if it touches your jacket sleeve etc it beeps and changes screen every couple if seconds - but of course the bezel can be locked.
  • The 310XT at that price is a steal. I love mine, great bit of kit.


  • Has anyone had any issues with the seal/joins on the 410? Mine might be beginning to open up and come unstuck a little on the side (not the button side)

  • The screen on my 410 has frozen - saying 68% battery. It doesn't 'bing' when I attach the charger either. I guess it's died. It's about 4 years old.

    I use it in parallel with mapmyrun, which always measures runs slightly longer. I am generally intersted in pace, time and distance, rather than all the more complicated stuff. I can't say I have ever found the 410 easy to work with.


    Any recommendations for a replacement?

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    You could use Garmin's return and replace service. Costs about £50 I believe - someone will correct me if I'm wrong.

    If you want just the basic stuff consider the 110 and the 10. Both around same price, £100 or just below. Go slightly above that and the 310xt can be had for not much more (see further up on this thread). The 310xt is perfectly okay with the simple stuff but has the extras in reserve should you decide you want them later.

    I have a 310xt and use it for just pace, time and distance. It's fab.

  • Jemima - before chucking the watch trying resetting it by holding both buttons until it rebooots. Mine has frozen a couple of times (in 5 years) and resetting it worked both ties.

  • Just ordered my 410, with HRM £130 from Amazon. Bezel here I come!!! image

  • I tried the 410 and the 610 and didn't like the bezel or screen and went for the 210.

    Now looking at the 310XT, but thinking it's been out long enough to be due a replacement model....

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