Intriguing title that will make you want to click on this thread.....

Shamefully promoting my running blog again... (Sorry admins!) I have been posting every Monday evening for the last few weeks. This week's instalment- Urban Adventure Running


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  • Thank you for that nice polite reply. Your parents must be proud to have brought up such a well-mannered person

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    Scottchya -- where as I guess your parents must be proud to have brought up such a twat eh?
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    You're very welcome, Scottchya.

    Now, I happen to believe that it's actually rather rude to come here solely to promote your blog, rather than to contribute to the community.

    Instead of writing for your blog (which nobody apart from your mum and your mates will read), why not join in the forum?

  • Now now people, thats not exactly welcoming is it ... how many of you have actually read Scotts blog before labelling him a twat.

    I tihnk we should all take time to go over and have a damn good read, and also take a little time out to thing about our actions first before jumping to conclusions and posting inflammatory replies ..


  • OK guys .. you were right ... first line ...

    "I invented a new type of running tonight called Urban Adventure Running"

    ... looks like a fair cop to me !!!

  • Anyone who needs to keep pushing it knows its carp
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    OK. I actually clicked on your blog and I must admit - I read two paragraphs of the first post before getting bored and skimming the rest. I'm trying to be constructive...

    Your writing style and posts are a little lacklustre and although the maps/images are good - what are you contributing to your readers? What should they gain from why you run? You've done 4 posts so far about: why you run, you on a sledge, you reviewing a running route (i liked that) and running in a city. What about gear reviews?

    You also don't give us any stats. How long did you run for? What was your pace? What did you learn from the run?

    Also - you might want to think about your intended audience. In my honest opinion suggesting what you have suggested below is dangerous. If you don't know the city - then ask someone where to go/where's OK to run.

    "I invented a new type of running tonight called Urban Adventure Running. What you do is, drive to a city that you don't know at all, then set off running without a map into a dodgy area. In fact, the dodgier the better; it all adds to the adventure. Then you run around until you're a bit lost trying to navigate using the stars, big buildings, bus stops and passing tramps."

    You havent invented a new form of running: it's called: running image

  • Taxi Driver said you were a twat, Bruce C agreed, the puns (Scottcha and heScottorun) almost confirm it, but I was feeling generous (it's Friday) so I had a look.

    Scott, you owe me 3 minutes of my life back.  Twat.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Worst blog ever!
  • In It For The Cake wrote (see)

    Scott, you owe me 3 minutes of my life back.  Twat.



  • Not a great blog, eh?

    A bit boring, a bit pompous.

    And... your route took you from Birmingham town centre to Edgbaston cricket ground and back. Hardly a dodgy area by any strech of the imagination... unless you're usually scared witless by million pound mansions and leafy green suburbs.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I think the overall view is: Must try harder


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    I want to know what "scuds" are???

  • The blog is just a light-hearted look at runnning, nothing more or less. These sad and nasty replies are entirely uneccessary. 

    I have to say that it's really sad to find that a community, i.e. runners, that I had previously found to be a friendly and helpful lot actually have a lot of nasty people amongst them. I thought this sort of childish nonsense only went on on youtube.

    Guess I won't bother with this forum again, I'll try to find somewhere where some adults hang out

  • And you came back for more ?
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    With the title you gave the thread, what sort of responses did you expect?

    If you ask a decent honest question on here 99% of the time you will get a decent honest reply.
  • Scott, maybe if you had interacted with the forum first, you know kind of spoke to some of the 'adults' on the forum and indulged in all those niceties that humans tend to do ie. introductions, getting to know one another, the odd little wink here and there, before moving on to a little hand holding, then getting a little more serious , instead of blundering straight in and trying to roger us senseless in the bottom  from the off, then you wouldn't have got the response you did.


    If you walk up to an attractive stranger in the street and grab their bottom you will get a slap in the face (not to mention arrested) .... same rules apply on the internet too ... just common courtesy really.


  • thats what blogs are for surely...........for people to pass comments on......

    if you wanted to avoid comments then surely you should hav ekept a private diary.....


    so you aren't going to hang around never ever did.......image......

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    A "community of runners" that he wasn't going to join in, he just wanted us to be all cuddly and touchy feely and nice about his blog. Because he didn't want to be one of the community, he just wanted it to be all about him.


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