At the end of 18 mile long slow run last weekend, both calfs felt sore and tight. However, right calf is still very sore, no severe pain when walking or running (I rested for 3 days had a gentle run this morning) but to touch is very sore, if you press is hurts like hell. Off to see physio tomorrow, any ideas what i might have done...really worried as now missing runs as part of my London Marathon training (my first).


  • calves are awkward things and grumble when overused and at unusual times

    usually a symptom of something else not quite right and if you are marathon training this is likely.

    check out your hip flexors by doing common stretches for these and do some glute strengthening and quad stretches

    also in your training try and conciously ease back on stride length and strike the foot with a midsole rather than forefront of foot (i'd put money on you being more forefoot striker) for a while until the tightness eases.

    you can roll and stretch your calves all you like and this is good practice but it won't solve the root cause of the issue.

    given its only a month away avoid pulling calf at all costs as if youre up to 18 you'll have done almost enough work.

    have similar issues and whilst jury is out on sports tape (kineaseiology something or other) it has really helped me. You will find that your calf will be 90% in your mind now and the tape helps provide support and give you some reassurance.




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