What breed of dog are you?



  • By all meaningful standards of inverted anthropomorphism i am a mongrel. Probably a medium sized black one who shags anything that moves and jumps into fast-flowing rivers without a second thought.
  • SideBurn wrote (see)

    I had to look a Hungarian Puli up !

    http://petfriendlygatlinburgcabins.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/puli-racing.jpg You look like this?   Really?  

    I would without hair straighteners image


    Actually it's more like this:




  • A Lurcher - Will run around like a mad thing for 20 minutes and then want to go home to fill my day with sleeping, eating, moaning and sighing.

  • Now,slightly overweight Rhodesian Ridgeback. Sleek, compact, loyal and territorial.image

  • A German Shepherd. Red hair, fiercy loyal and protective and likely to go a bit pyscho if you touch my food or my pack

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