Exercise Dependence Final Year Project

I am a final year student at the University of Bath doing my dissertation on the concept on 'exercise dependence', where too much exercise can become bad for you. If you take part in regular physical activity and would like to know how you perceive yourself physically, then you are eligible to take part in my questionnaire (https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/BLMSR82) which should only take about 15 mins to complete. If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to contact me (hw282@bath.ac.uk). Thank you.


  • Well, I just did it.

  • Done
  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Done, though heaven knows what kind of selection bias you'll get by posting on this forum!

  • Me too! The question about eating more than most people think is normal made me laugh - I don't know about you guys but I eat so much!

  • Done
  • Sorry, I gave up - too many repetitive questions, and how in the world would I know whether other people think I'm fat or ugly?

  • I filled it in, there are a lot of repeated questions, but I guess that's to check that you are being consistent in your answers.



  • I managed to do it in only about 5 mins, its not massively stressful. The question, Wolfy, was to assess your perception of what people think ie: what do you BELIEVE people think about you. I think the majority of the population have pretty solid ideas about how they think other's perceieve them.

    Ellie - I know, I regularly eat volumes other people wouldnt believe!

  • Done


  • Done - but please note i'm doing an IronMan in 10 weeks, so currently consume between 4500 - 5000 cals a day - just to maintian my weight, so may bias your results slightly! image

  • done.but nearly didn't becuae i giot stumped on the first page.had to go to google to find the answers..............

    please note that a large majority of the popilation have no idea of their height or weight in metric image

  • Thank you everyone who has filled it in so far! I really appreciate it!

    Apologies for it being a bit long and repetitive towards the end, but it is just to see how consistent you are being with your answers.

    Anyone who has asked for their results, I will hopefully have them emailed to you by next Wednesday.

    Feel free to ask any of your friends to fill it out!

    Thanks! image

  • In an age where kids grow up knowing they've got to be 140cm to get on certain theme park rides, that might not be a majority for too much longer...

  • They have not gone metric an Wales yet image

  • it doesnt matter to me - metric or imperial - they both say im too fat 

  • Flyaway - Glad it isn't just me and the husband! People look at us very strangely at times! Our shopping bill has increased massively since we both started this tri malarkey. Ironholgs has a lot to answer for!

    I have just ordered a mahoosive pizza and I will no doubt eat the whole thing! I don't believe in training hard AND eating healthily (well not all the time)!

  • Hmmmm...i thought being hungry all the time was part of the training...perhaps i should eat more...
  • Done!! I definitely think the average response from this lot will skew your results though!!
  • Well, I've not had my 'report' ....anyone else had an e-mail?
  • Got my result. 99. whatever that means. Unless it's Plums age? Come on, fess up all..

  • Got mine too. Scored 100 on dependency. Did a bit of digging and looks like only anything over 116 would suggest an 'addiction' to running, exercise etc

    I would caveat that by saying that my research comprised of a 2 minute google search. I'm an expert on most things in my life using a similar method of analysis!
  • I scored 91 so I guess thats good.... Although if I was addicted to running maybe I would do a bit more run training so maybe addiction isnt all bad.
  • I got 125, what does that mean?

    It would have been useful is she had sent out a handout of what the results mean!
  • That you have got more than anyone else so farimage

  • 117 for me!!
  • I scored a lowly 82 image

  • 124 for me, and likewise, not too sure exactly what that means, but it's over the 116 mentioned by 'Pudge', so I'm in troible

  • I got 100 as well.  I emailed Hannah back for a bit more explanation and got this...


    Here is a little bit more information about the results for the 

    Exercise Dependence Questionnaire

    The highest possibly score for the EDQ is 203. The paper that I have 
    referenced with your feedback basically just explains that there is no 
    official cut off score for the Exercise Dependence Questionnaire. The 
    paper examines the various cut off scores which have been used in 
    previous research ranging from higher than 116 to higher than 145. 
    There is no correct cut off score as higher than 116 may include false 
    positives and higher than may result in false negatives. It is also 
    important to note that the EDQ is not used as a diagnostic tool, just 
    as a guideline, so a higher score may not necessarily mean an 
    unhealthy addiction to exercise, some that would be described as 
    ?Exercise Dependence? lead a healthy lifestyle and would not 
    necessarily put exercise first even with a score that suggests this. 
    To be officially diagnosed you would need to go through extensive 
    interviews with a psychiatrist.

    Physical Self-Description Questionnaire

    The maximum score for 'Health' and 'Self-Esteem' is 56 (8 questions 
    with maximum of 7) and for all the other subscales the maximum score 
    is 42 (6 questions with a maximum of 7). Each score is a positive 
    mark, so the higher your number, you more positively you were that 
    aspect. For example a high score in health means that you perceive 
    your health as positive, but a low score in body fat means you 
    perceive your body fat as negative. With body fat, a low score does 
    not relate to the amount of body fat, just whether you view in a 
    positive or negative way.



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