Exercise Dependence Final Year Project



  • I am eating as much as I can in my preparation for Ironman 2015, I will probably start the physical training next year image

  • 107 for me. Solid plan fatmo image

  • 127.. Oops. I do wonder if my score would be different if I wasn't training for a marathon + HIM though. Perhaps I am just in denial.. best go for a run to think it over.

  • I score 53 for self esteem..,interesting.

    People that know me might not have predicted that!!

    Perceptions of own physical appearance lowest at 21....but how can that be graded without actually seeing me. I perceive myself fairly correctly as being rather unattractive by conventional standards.

    Muscly, a bit on the scrawny side, hair going grey, bit wrinkled and worried looking, never wear make up, and wear the same shabby clothes every day.

    This is an accurate description, not a distorted self loathing one.

    Certain aspects of it I choose/ can't be bothered to improve....
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