Toughmudder rant

So, having been press ganged into doing an event I wasn't particularly interested in, turns out its now ??15 more than it should have been because they charged me for insurance and sales tax on top of the ticket price! I'm f@&/)??ing furious! ??75 to run round a field for less than a half marathon distance? And I don't give a shit how much money they raise for Help for Heroes!


  • I wouldn't have paid the 60 quid fee to start with.

    Get the folk who press-ganged you to pay!

  • It's not just me is it? I might expect to pay a booking fee at some point and regularly do. But this I have never seen before. I think it's one step away from fraud.

    Still angry.
  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Sales tax? Where are you running the event? Never seen this added before.

    Don't really see the appeal of these events as it looks like you spend half the time queuing for the obstacles.
  • Still bloody angry.
  • I did the Survival of the Fittest thing in London last year. Wasn't too fussed but some pals were doing it. It was fun but I like to run. Still cross. My wife says I need to 'let it go'.
  • But then she would, because she's just come back from yoga.
  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    My mate did one, I just don't get it, more money than sense.  And then there are people who pay to watch!!!

  • Wtf?

    Look, there's obviously a market for this stuff, same as some people like a bit of S&M of a weekend.

    But I do object to sharp business practice.
  • Sounds like its based on the tough guy which is the most fun race I've ever done.

    That was pricey and then you had to pay for parking with stamps or something bizarre.

    You must have seen the price before you confirmed the purchase ?

    It's ??15. You'll have a great time if you can let it go.
  • Listen to your wife.image

  • Couge. It's 75 quid. I'll have to let it go. But I'm looking forward o the sdw50 more!
  • Look DF. It's taken a whole bottle of Pinot Gris to getme through this. Don't start me off again.
  • So I'm resurrecting this. 

    A freind of mine ordered a TM t-shirt. They sent it to him but didn't pay enough for the postage, so he has to pay an extra £11 to get it delivered!

    And they charge for SPECTATORS!

    They're fucking cowboys.

    (Still angry).

    (And I still don't give a shit how much money they raise for help for heroes).

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