I'm running my second 10k in May. Last year I ran it in 1 hour and 3 mins. I want to get under an hour this year. I've been training for the past month and running 5k 3 times a week but looking for hints on the best way forward.




  • Oh, am sure you'll shave that last 3 minutes off this time Diane image

    Why not pop into the '10k in under 60 mins' thread?  No need to read all 15,500 posts just scroll to the bottom and say hi image


  • My tip (apart from following a training plan designed for the distance) is that if you just run 5K in training you'll only get good at 5K and not get the endurance you need for 10.  I'd be running more than 10 (slowly) several times before May if it were me (or I'd be following a proper 10K plan).

  • i did park runs , and similar length runs at home and one long run a week , around the 13k mark , i just ran my first 10k in 54:34my best park run is 28:32 , so i am pleased 

    its just getting the hang of a steady sustainable pace

    any training that includes longer endurance runs and mixed tempo, intervals etc will help improve stamina and speed  - i am aiming for HM now 

    good luck 

  • Hello! I hce only recently started running again after a lobg break, but when i was running before, i followed a rw 10k training plan for beginners 0 -10k in six weeks. I repeated a couple of weeks though. It builds you up to the distance by doing run walk twice a week then one continuous run once a week. You run by time not distance eg. Run 10 walk 2 (4 timesthe longest you do is an hour. ) i found this a great training aid and did my first 10k in 59minutes! Good luck!
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