Mystery pronation

Hi everyone, not sure if this is the right place to post so apologies if it's wrong.

I have been running for 16 months and love it, but I keep getting injuries in my left leg, and always have a blister on the inside of my left foot, on the arch. I have Asics Nimbus 14s.

I thought I might have been pronating, thanks to the blister, but saw a podiatrist (who herself, ironically, was a bad pronator) who told me I had "the most mechanically perfect feet" she'd seen in years.

So is it possible that you can pronate only when running?

I'm not looking for any injury advice, just wondering if other runners have experienced similar, and if so, what they do about it?

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    I'd never considered the fact that one could "pronate" whilst not running.
  • Pronation is just part of the gait cycle - the bit where the foot rolls inwards and the arch collapses to give cushioning.  It's a good thing, unless you do it too much.  When walking, the pressure from the stride isn't as great, so you are 'less likely' to pronate as much (same as your car tyres bulge less when there aren't 5 people in it).

    I say less likely, because this is nature and real life and anything can and does happen!  I would say that if a podiatrist thinks you have no mechanical problems, you probably don't.

    You could try different insoles and see if that helps - I sometimes swap them between shoes for the best fit.

  • the nimbus has a high arch because they are designed for people who supinate (under-pronate) so that could be the cause of your blisters, the shoe also leps roll the foot inward a little,

    Perhaps next time get a truly neutral shoe and see if that helps, 

  • Clare - I must have tried about 4 different styles of neutral shoe before I found one that didn't give me terrible blisters on the inside forefoot.  As it happens Nimbus has been best for me but it is just trial and error.  Everyone in my family has a lovely pair of trainers to wear as hardly used.  In one pair I couldn't even do 5K in them.

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