100 mile point ot point in Scotland?

Would anyone be interested in helping taking the idea of a point to point 100 mile race further?

I have a route and a name. It is called BABBA - Blair Atholl to Aberdeen via Ballater and Banchory. Largely off-road, but not extreme and the tougher bits in the first half (Glen Tilt and then a bit over to Glen Muick).

I've only organised a 5k before !!


  • Why don't you e mail James Elson or Henk, HH, both are more than happy to share their experience with new RDS

    For what it's worth I'd be happy to help in any way I can but you have 5k more experience than me
  • He who dares wins?

  • i'd reckon kids would be easier to organise for than naughty ultra runners.

    it sounds like a great venture Hillheader. i doubt i'd be much help but i'd happily enter! image

  • I am always happy to help a Race Director get a promising new event off the ground. 

  • Thanks for the responses. Maybe the way to start it is to offer an open invite to run this informally at some point - next year likely? I think that you'd need to be supported for a 100 mile race. Volunteers for all the checkpoints etc. are the biggest issue.

    It is a mountains to sea route I have in mind - heading east so wind at your back and downhill ??. Would have to be summer or spring as passes by Balmoral and uses the trails in that area. These, plus stalking elsewhere excludes the autumn. Winter is out as although not over mountains, the route does go around 500m for quite a bit.

    There are plenty of ultras in Scotland (SUMS) and the iconic WHW, so I'd have to be careful to avoid those dates. 

  • Thanks Fellrunner - The TGO walking event does take a bit longer (12-14 days). However, would expect many would follow a similar low level route through the Cairngorms.

  • Lairig Ghru then Speyside way would be great (I live in Boat of Garten). I once did a great route with Lairig Ghru then Lairig an Laoigh. Other great low level runs in the Cairngorms are through glen Feshie and also Glen Tromie. Spoilt for choice. Perhaps should link them all up - that would be some run! 

  • Just looked at the distance for route within the Cairngorms. Start at Glenmore lodge, finish at Kingusie. Over 5 of the major passes in the Cairngorms (Laoigh, Ghru, Feshie, Tilt, and Minigaig). Turns out to be 100 miles with about 3500m of ascent. Almost entirely off road. Would take some organisation though - being so remote!

  • There's a huge amount of contingency planning you'll need to consider, not least the contingencies around getting people off the hills if they drop, getting medical aid to them if they need it, bad weather re routes bearing in mind the time of year etc etc. loads to think about
  • Absolutely. I've seen how much is involved in the Lairig Ghru race and that is only 28 miles. There's a major river crossing and a lot more. Eek. 

  • Well if there's anything a Londoner can help you with I'd be glad to
  • I think CC is on the right kind of route there actually, I don't know the area particularly well but from your description I think it'd be more suited to the self sufficient Spine or Dragons Back type format rather than a traditional checkpoint every 10-15k type.

    Try it first as a run out with some friends, then as a fat ass type event to iron out bugs and see how it would work logistically and that should give you an idea what's feasible
  • Thanks CC and Lirish. I need an Autumn challenge as well. I like the idea of a low key start and self support to start with. Please pick your friends brains about such an event. I don't think a Centurion type approach would work either. There are many sections of 20+ miles without access to support. Some navigation skills are needed as well.

    CC. The route starts at Glenmore Lodge, goes through the Lairig an Laoigh to Derry Lodge, back through Lairig Ghru, past Loch an Eilean, into Glen Feshie, onto glen Tilt, loops to Falls of Bruar, up Glen Bruar, over Minigaig, down glen Tromie, cut over Blar Mor, past Ruthven barracks and finish in centre of Kingusie. Some of the most fantastic scenery in the UK - but a very serious 100 mile!

  • Thanks Fellrunner. The really serious river crossing is the river Avon at Fords of Avon. I've been through here and had real difficulty. Would need MRT here at the least with ropes. There's plenty of other fords as well. The Minigaig is tricky as the track not always clear and this would be the last pass - possibly in the dark.

  • Hey im new to ultra running, completed my first on in march, the D33, then just finished maggies monster, a 31 mile cycle then 41 mile hike/run from fort william to inverness. so not much experience. doing the glenmore 12 hour in september and looking for something in july also, so getting more experience all the time.

    I like your first route through ballater and banchory and finishing in aberdeen, (i live close to aberdeen image)

    I would be very interested in doing this route self supported with others. I dont like the thought of traveling 3-4 hours to an ultra where there are fansastic route nearer home where they could be held on. so if this goes ahead count me in image

  • Andrew, I also live near Aberdeen so an Aberdeen finish would be good. I also like the idea of the course through the Cairngorm passes atarting and finishing at Glenmore.

    I marshalled the Slug road crossing for the D33 - perfect running conditions!

    That's a lot of ultras Andrew. I'm also busy with events including WHW and Speyside way. Probably be either later in the year or moe likely next year before I get anything set up. Will not be a formal event.


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