What's your other sport?

Been a while since starting a topic and I was just chatting with somebody a minute ago and it gave me a thought.

Firstly do you run for runnings sake? IE to compete ?

Some people run for other sports to keep the fitness up!

Secondly, do you have another sport?

I dabble with caving (am I the only caver on here?), MTB, cycling and anything else that could possibly cause me a nasty death image





  • I run to keep fit and balance my love of food.  

    I do take part in races, but I'm only competing with myself image

    I also cycle, again for fitness and fat control.

    I have been known to go bowling once every five years or so.

  • See bowling could start another debate on whether it's a sport - bit like darts?? image

  • I run to relieve stress, keep fit and atempt to balance out my bread and cheese addiction.  I'm forced to cycle by my OH, but secretly quite enjoy it once I'm out there.  I used to play hockey regularly and am quite keen to get back to that once I've settled in at the new place and found my way around.  I've already booked myself in for boot camp classes there, so that I can tone up and hopefully develop some core strength in the hope that it will improve my running.

  • I run to compete, but like Wilkie says, I'm only competing against myself!

    Apart from running, I love boxing and Pilates. Boxing for fun, stress relief and fat burning, Pilates for strength and to fix all the things that running and desk work do to my body! Also do some weights for general fitness.

  • Run for fitness and because my AS will probably mean I can't some day, I thought I'd better find out what I was going to be missing... if that makes sense.


    Play a bit of golf but that's very rare these days. Mostly I sit down. There's an art to a good sit.

  • I did kickboxing and MMA for years but a couple of years ago I decided I wad too old for that so took up running as its easier to fit around family life.

    I also cycle a bit and do the (very) occasional tri.
  • Nicky McNamerson wrote (see)

    Mostly I sit down. There's an art to a good sit.


  • I run because ... hmmm actually I don't know why I run ... I run because I found out I can!

    With work, family, dogs and running, I don't tend to have any 'spare' time left to indulge in another sport (and keep my sanity!). Although I used to play badminton fairly regularily a few years back.


  • Husband baiting.

  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    I run as I used it to get fit, found out I actually enjoyed it after the initial shock to the system and now get competitive with myself over improving my times.


    Other than that I enjoy cycling, play football regularly and go swimming (not been in a while now though). I've done a few sprint triathlons, but the last one was back in 2009.

  • I run for running's sake, although I wouldn't describe myself as being particularly competitive.

    Other sports are cycling (commuting and occasionally mountain biking) and snowboarding.


  • Karate, as a teenager.

    I passed my black belt with flying colours and used to enjoy seeing the look on people's faces when I pulled my belt out of my bag and people realised I wasn't a newbie. I didn't look like your average martial artist.
  • i cycle for commuting, and i like cycle events, doing london to brighton again this year with a team from work , also the bedfordshire cycletta  - womens only cycle event because its nice day out

    i run because i like my own company and peace, and it makes me feel great and my legs look better, and i'm always impressed by runners so i wanted to join in 

    i plan to do events (first 10k on sunday) next year i want to a marathon image 

    i occasionally swim as the husband  trains for triathlons, he is a gd swimmer , i am not , and spend more time showering than in the pool 

  • Rally navigator County hockey goal keeper
  • TheVicar wrote (see)

    See bowling could start another debate on whether it's a sport - bit like darts?? image


    Is caving a sport?

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Wiki calls it a recreational pastime.  Also called *spelunking*!

  • Its a pretty rubbish spectator sport image Hmmm dictionary says "a sport is an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess"

    I suppose you don't compete but people do speed caving where they try and do a cave in quickest time image

    Dave - Rally navigator thats quality that must be some fun

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    I started running for fitness for other sports. I play competitive indoor volleyball and beach volleyball in the summer. Progressed to parkruns, last year did my first half mara and first sprint tri. Finding it hard to fit everything in though and have become bit lazy as well. Working on that. image

  • Sex. 

  • I've done a lot of different sports in my time but swimming is the one I keep coming back to

    I don't run anymore, but I hope to be able to again some day

  • Yep... UK and Europe.

    Everything from Escort twin can, Sunbeam Lotus, Peugeot challenge against Richard Burns, Sierra Cosworth, and now Hillman Imp
  • StrayceltStraycelt ✭✭✭

    Tae Kwon Do so running helps keep the stamina up for sparring

  • Triathlon's my sport, and dog training too.

  • Triathlon and dog training are my sports - and before anyone says dog training isn't a sport I'd like them to try being on the end of a lead with a determined 40 kilo dog on the front end trying to get to the "bad guy"!

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    Trapeze. Arguably more of a performance art than a sport, but not so much when I do it. Also I used to fence, for the fun of dressing up in silly clothes and stabbing people really hard.

  • Rollerskating

    Snowboarding but only limited number of days in a year, obv.

    Used to do aikido but when I moved to London I found it done differently (aikikai) and gave up, with a stab at kick-boxing and wing tsun.

    Do a bit of swimmimg. Am rubbish at cycling image
  • Sporting and athletic activities wot I used to do...

    Men's lacrosse (now, that is a tough game)
    Mountaineering and rock climbing (they are as different as cheese and the stuff the Americans call cheese)
    Squash (not much)

    and the stuff I'm still involved in..

    Running (less than before)
    Triathlon (to complete, not compete)
    Scuba diving (neither a sport, nor terribly athletic)

    and stuff that really can't go into either category
    maintaining/restoring old car(s)

  • Dave I guess there isn't many orginal parts left on the Imp? lol


    Literatin I think you are winning with the strangest sport so far image

    Blisters do you have a Mrs? If you do she is rather understanding image

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