Swimming and stretching...

Injured and unable to run, and toying with the idea of a tri one day - so am currently entering unchartered territory doing cycling and swimming endurance work

This is probably a very, very, dumb question, but presumably the same rules apply re warm up/down. Big Q though is are there specific stretches one should do post-swim ?

A week and a bit into a new regime and I'm already getting the odd recurring niggle/muscle knot, especially in my shoulders.

Any refs/advice greatly appreciated



  • pre swimming i've been advised to do:

    ankle rotations.. make big slow circles with your toes, both directions.
    shoulder rolling.. big slow circles with your shoulders, both directions, individually & together.
    neck stretches, ear toward shoulder left & right
  • also .. warm up with some super-easy slow relaxed lengths....

    and warm down with the same plus some different strokes... i tend to do a couple of kick on my back to stretch the abs.. and a bit of breast-stroke just to wiggle everything a bit differently.

    yooohoo... dr niiiiiiiic
  • she's off line for a few days... back on thursday!!
  • where is W.Will?

    If Doc Nic is not around, he is another one with some idea about this
  • Thanks Ed-M

    Doing the first and final few lengths nice and slow comes naturally to me - sadly, the same goes for those done inbetween !

  • Thanks again IW !

    But where does one do this ?

    I'll probably play safe and try this in a changing room cubicle.

    May get recruited by the Welsh Male Synch.Swimming Squad (now I'm scared.....) or Busby Burkly (sp ?) if I start doing this kind of thing by the poolside ;0
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