Swimming and stretching...

Injured and unable to run, and toying with the idea of a tri one day - so am currently entering unchartered territory doing cycling and swimming endurance work

This is probably a very, very, dumb question, but presumably the same rules apply re warm up/down. Big Q though is are there specific stretches one should do post-swim ?

A week and a bit into a new regime and I'm already getting the odd recurring niggle/muscle knot, especially in my shoulders.

Any refs/advice greatly appreciated



  • pre swimming i've been advised to do:

    ankle rotations.. make big slow circles with your toes, both directions.
    shoulder rolling.. big slow circles with your shoulders, both directions, individually & together.
    neck stretches, ear toward shoulder left & right
  • also .. warm up with some super-easy slow relaxed lengths....

    and warm down with the same plus some different strokes... i tend to do a couple of kick on my back to stretch the abs.. and a bit of breast-stroke just to wiggle everything a bit differently.

    yooohoo... dr niiiiiiiic
  • she's off line for a few days... back on thursday!!
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    where is W.Will?

    If Doc Nic is not around, he is another one with some idea about this
  • Thanks Ed-M

    Doing the first and final few lengths nice and slow comes naturally to me - sadly, the same goes for those done inbetween !

  • Our trainer also advises wall stretches - reach up as far as poss with both hands and hold. Then stand with your left foot and hip against the wall and stretch your left arm out behind you along the wall at shoulder height, hold. Repeat with the other side.
  • Thanks again IW !

    But where does one do this ?

    I'll probably play safe and try this in a changing room cubicle.

    May get recruited by the Welsh Male Synch.Swimming Squad (now I'm scared.....) or Busby Burkly (sp ?) if I start doing this kind of thing by the poolside ;0
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