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I am very very new to this running game, I would probaberlhy strugge running to the shop. Anyway I am 6ft tall and weigh around 12 and a half stone. I dont bing drink (do like a glass of red though) or smoke. I am a joiner so I have a active job so I am in ok shape.

I was out on my bike at Dalby Forest, slowly trying to get back in to mtb. My mate is a big time rower and rediculously fit! We had to stop literally every 10 minutes on inclines because I was simply knackered. After about a minute I was fine and raring to go again, soon found myself out of steam again!

I have no stamina at all but enjoy being outside. Gyms bore me senseless so I need to do more outdoor activities. I love going out on my bike but want to get in to running. My concern is my weight, I don't want to lose any. If I start running will I end up stick thin?


Sorry for going on and thank you for any advice


  • You'd only end up stick thin if you ate less calories than you burnt. 95% of the runners I see aren't doing this.
  • I am good at stuffing my face so that should be good.

    Any advice on trainers for tarmac? I used to wear Inov 8 F lite for the gym but I dont think they will be stable enough for running.

  • roebyroeby ✭✭✭

    Get yourself down to a good retailer specific to running, they will give you some good advice.image............I find the more I run the more I eat.Just make sure your having plenty of good carbs and protein.You need to start up slow maybe have a look at some training programmes online, join a running club, or try your local park run. 3/4 times a week and don,t be put off if its a run walk to start with, your young and will get there pretty quick .Enjoy your runningimage

  • Than k You for that, I will pop to up and running this week. I am good at stuffing my face anyway. Never gain weight so I certainly don't want to lose any.

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