Help with odd pronation and foot strike

Can anyone tell me what sort of foot pronantion I have and a suitable shoe - whether I need high or low arches ones.My style seems to contradict any foot pattern I've read oline.I'll explain.

I seem to have relatively flat feet and my achillies seem to curve inwards then straighten up towards the calf.They aren't really flat where the whole of my feet are turned inwards on the floor,just low arches.

My feet also strike on the putside of the shoe first and also wear on the outsides,not insides as with a flat foot runner would.

I get achilles problems.I tend to wear quite light not overly padded shoes,the asics Landreth and Hyper Speed(which are flat 200g with low arch) actually they are both low arch.According to online sources low arch runners should be wearing stability arch support trainers and not cushioned,but I had a pair of these which made things worse.So does anyone know what is going on?




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