Accommodation available in Brighton marathon weekend

I am unexpectedly no longer staying in the guesthouse I had booked for the weekend (12th and 13th April). Is anyone interested in buying the reservation? It's ??80/night at the Pink Pavilion Bijou Guest House, which is very centrally located, near the pier. Please let me know!!


  • HI, I would be interested in 13th April only if that was an option image

  • Unfortunately it's a minimum 2 night stay.. I couldn't find anywhere that would allow just 1 night. Might you still be interested?
  • Hope you find someone to take the space!

    I stayed there when I did the marathon last year, it's really convenient for the finish line and has a decent Italian restaurant right next door for pre-race carb loading and post-race pizza fest.
  • Hi, is it still available, I need room there how much for the 2 nights?

  • Yes, it's still available for 80 per night (180 in total). Please let me know if you'd like it and the hotel will transfer the booking to your name. I've already paid and so you could pay me directly. It's a good, central location.
  • Anyone still need accommodation? Please let me know!
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