running with stitches on collar bone

Hi all Had an operation 5 days ago which has left me with 4 stitches on my collar bone, when would be the best time to start running again as I don't want to hinder the healing process( not sure how the running would effect the collar bone). I have a 10k on the 17th march with an half marathon the week later booked, so would like to get a couple of runs in before then. P.s the stitches are due out on the 14th march. Thanks


  • What did the doctor advise ?
  • He said no sporting exercise which could stretch the wound for 6 weeks after the stitches are removed, when I asked about running all he said was do I move my arms a lot I said not great deal then he changed the subject like he didn't want to say one way or the other. Something's I've read on internet say wait till the stitches are out.
  • I had an operation on my hand a couple of years ago and had a very similar unhelpful reply from the surgeon. I decided to run as normal with the stitches well protected with strapping, and had no problems. Infact, I ran a half marathon 10 days later.  The biggest issue for me was the after affects of the anasthetic, which seemeed to last for quite a long time afterwards.

  • Tricky. I would advise not doing either to be honest but then I'm more cautious with other peoples bodies than I would be myself... I suppose if you strap it up and take it for a test run of a mile or two you can see how irritated it gets. What was the operation for anyway? Are there other issues/damage underneath that you need to rest up for?

  • It was to have a piece of skin cancer removed, so no broken bones or anything but was thinking of putting a large plaster over it to stop it stretching and doing a couple of miles the day after the stitches after been removed and if no ill effects do the 10k on the Sunday.
  • Many kudos to you for the "up yours, cancer" attitude on display there! image

    Best of luck, I hope it all holds together for you on your test run-  but be good to yourself and don't push it!

  • If you put some gauze over the stitches, then sticky plaster tape over the whole area, it should be OK.  I had a similar dressing over a cut with five stitches to my knee years ago while skiing, and carried on skiing.

    Try a short run and then check that the stitches look OK.  

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