Glasgow City Centre

Hi Everyone! I am working up in Glasgow at the end of this month and would appreciate any suggestions on 6-8miles routes that I can do in a morning before work? Also, anyone who goes running early morning and wouldn't mind some company please get in touch! Cheers




  • Hi Sherburn. I don't know if you are near the Clyde, but if you head towards the river there is a decent cycle path from the city centre heading East. it will take you through Glasgow Green, along the river clyde for 3-4 miles or as long as you fancy and you can turn around and come back. Alternatively, if you are feeling more adventurous, there are some nice offroadish routes along the forth and clyde canal and by the river kelvin.

    i'll be at work so can't join you but if you need any more advice/detail just holler.

  • Cheers Dude that sounds great, I quite fancy the off-road so I will give it a try - I will have a look at the map and try and suss out the canal route and if I may, Ill get back in touch with you.  Cheers!


  • No problem. you can access the canal at spiers wharf, which is quite near the city centre, and follow it for around 3 and a half miles, and turn left onto the river kelvin walkway (will be sign-posted) which will take you back on a path towards the city centre again via kelvingrove park.

  • Are you staying in the city centre? Clydeside you could go east or west. Also there's bellahouston and pollok park over the southside where the 10k,s are routed through there. North side you have the canal as suggested.

    Even google a jog Scotland group and join them while you here and that way you'll have company and won't get lost, they usually are quite welcoming.

    Welcome to Glasgow and enjoy your running!!
  • Achilles Heel on Great western Road do running sessions from the shop at 5.30pm each evening Mo,Tues & wed.never been but have many friensd who go.just call the shop for advice.

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