Knee Problem


New runner from London. I am new here and in running world. I would say so excited and loved it. 

36, male, never done sports in my life image Smoker and drinker. Also spending all my time front of computer. I have decided to do something about it and running was the first option. The reason i wanted to run is:

1- Staying away from job stress 
2- Reducing smoking (it works that is great i am smoking 1 per day)
3- A bit fit my body
4- Adventure, see the hidden parts of city.

But i believe i started a bit wrong. My first was on treadmill for 10 mins. Second was 20 mins (6 to 10 km/h) on treadmill. After that my knees started to to heart a bit. And third run was 6 km with couple of times walking. 

BUT now my knees are hurting a lot. Especially my left knee and hurts a lot when i try to walk. I know i did too much and no idea how to fix it? Hot bath? 

I really loved running and would like to keep going, i need advises and what a can do about my knee? Is it normal?

 Thanks : )


  • You might have done too much too quickly... Have you seen the Couch to 5k plan? It's designed to get you up to 30mins running, building up the distance slowly. Maybe worth taking a week or so to rest your knees and then look at a plan.


    Good luck image

  • Definitely rest it. If it's not feeling much better within a week, go and see a doctor, they can refer you to a physio or otherwise advise. Much better to do this now and get a reality check than keep running on it and really hurt yourself.

  • I have seen the plan after that happened : ( I didn't found this website, i wish i found it before start.

    5k plan is good, when i can walk and sorted it out knee problem i will do it : )

  • Def make sure your knee is well and truely back to normal before starting again.  The C25K plan is great and do repeat weeks or take an extra walk break here or there if you need it.  Don't end up like I did, pushing on and injuring yourself so much you aren't able to run for a couple of months.

    If you spend a lot of your day at a desk it would be worth looking into a few exercises/stretches to help with your core muscles, glutes and hips, which can be the cause of some knee problems.  For example, I now know to be very aware of stretching properly, esp the sides and fronts of my hips as well as making more effort to activate those lazy glute muscles.  I'm not saying this will be a cure all for you, but has been part of my experiance.

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