what city break ?

Where would people recommend for a sort of 3-5 day break - city with plenty of culture/history/other stuff to see - other half and eldest daughter want to go away but daughter can't decide where she wants to go.    

Cheaper would be good - but not if cheaper means a mining town in the former Soviet Union.   



  • Copenhagen are Prague would be my choices - though the latter would probably be much cheaper than the former.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Helsinki (with a trip to Talinn while you are there), or possibly Rome...


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    Copenhagen are Prague would be my choices - though the latter would probably be much cheaper than the former.



    I like Prague too. Never been to Copenhagen. Münster is quite a nice city as well.

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  • Edinburgh, unless you live in Edinburgh in which case maybe not!
  • Prague is lovely, Vienna another great option. If you bypass the sex and drugs (assuming that's not what you're after!) Amsterdam is a great city. Culture and history galore in all three.

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    I'd second this - I had a lovely week in Barcelona last May.  There's loads to see and do, and in May is was lovely and warm image

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    +1 for Berlin. Can be done quite cheaply, too.

  • Love city holidays, Rome is tops for food and sights to see (and luckily I'm there later this week for the Marathon) for this time of year I'd maybe choose Madrid, most expensive I've tried has to be Copenhagen closely followed by Stockholm, for Christmas you can't beat Berlin, and for something totally different try Reykjavik

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    A friend of mine went to Marseille by herself last year and had a cheap and brilliant holiday. I think she used airbnb to find accommodation.

  • another vote for Barcelona. It's a city that's all beautiful, not just in parts

  • +1 for Rome.

    I took my son there for a 4 night stay last year for half the price it would have been to stay at Lego Land in Windsor.


  • Madrid, no question. Was there April time last year and good weather, lots of art/history and fantastic food and drink if you're looking for that too!

  • +1 Istanbul, fascinating and spectacular city. Views of the Bosphorous with the city as a backdrop take the breath away.
  • Prague and Istanbul both get my vote!

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    My suggestions are:

    • Barcelona
    • Istanbul
    • Cologne
    • Berlin
    • Antwerp
    • Madrid
    • Rome
    • Milan

    I loved Rome for its food but not so much for the culture, but Berlin hit everything 'right' for me. Cheap, great culture and atmosphere. Food could have been better but couldnt complain.

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    I'd recommend Berlin too. Fantastic city that is often overlooked.

  • my main reason for recommending istandbul, aside from the architecture and the people, is THE FOOD. it's the perfect blend of north, east, west and south and almost impossible to eat badly there. best restaurants anywhere.

  • but aye, berlin is great too.

  • a few years ago I got a cheap flights to brataslava for a few days with my mother..............we loved it..we hired a car for one day...ggota train to vienna another day and the other few days we were around bratislava itself.very cheap and very friendly......

  • Lisbon is a very nice, laid back city with great food and very courteous people. Cascais and Sintra are short train ride away and nice places to visit too.
  • Istanbul is very interesting.

    Barcelona easy to get to.

    Budapest has the thermal baths.

    Lisbon has the Guggenheim.

    Lots of choices. Iceland ? Exotic.
  • Barcelona. Gaudi buildings, wonderful market

    Prague, Great buildings, good value

    Paris. Romantic but expensive
  • Bruges is fantastic, also really easy to get to on Eurostar. And if you fancy keeping active, cycling around the city and beyond is recommended - the route out to Damme is lovely. If you haven't already, watch the film "In Bruges", not just cos its a great film, but you'll also get a flavour of whats on offer. 

  • Murders ??
    • Lyon
    • Bordeaux
    • Marseilles

    all great French cities and easy to get to either by plane or Eurostar to Paris and then TGV - great way to travel

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