mk festival of running TODAY

ran my first 10k event this morning at mk festival of running , great fun despite the drizzle and snow , killer hill at the 9k mark, smashed my wish of sub 60 with clock time of 55:03 , awaiting chip time, so pleased , cant wait for next challenge, and to train for sub 50 



  • Congratulations Curlytwig!

  • Where was the clock?  I couldn't see one?!  

    Was a lovely route eh?  But yep, killer hill at 9k.

  • thank k80 image

    and ally, my husband asked same thing.... there wasa  rather large digital timer at the base of finish , maybe you would miss it if busy crossing the finish, i ran over on my own 

    the route was fab , and had part of my parkrun route in it, i live there, so quite at home image

  • Ah I live here too.  

    Have you managed to find the results?

  • results are up ally 

    my chip time was 54:34  

    super pleased with that as my best parkrun is 28 mins  - whoop  - i shall have to run my 5ks faster now lol 

  • andyc209andyc209 ✭✭✭

    did anyone GPS the 1/2 marathon route - ran a 1:31 chip time but it felt a lot slower, especially with that hill at the end and the busy paths in the first 5 miles when the 1/2 and tail of the 10km where together. Training for Brighton and was not expecting that kind of time yet for the half.

  • no sorry andy , it is apparently officially measured by the athletics association , maybe your too modest with your abilities image fab time BTW 

  • @andyc209 - yes i had garmin on and it said it was 13.1 - the mile markers were't always alligned with by watch, but by the end it all worked out - its here if you can access it - - although im sure the hill was bigger than the garmin says!

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