Who's signing up for IM Florida this weekend then?



  • a year this saturday

    loads of time
  • race yer, cougieboo!

  • Just been checking out the lodgings cost on the IM Florida website. It's pretty cheap in Nov! Might be tempted to register myself. Now to try and find out flight costs...
  • go for it mate
  • I will go for moral support.... :o) ... and to take pictures for Rich's web-site....wouldn't that be fun??????
  • I won't be going. I had intended to, but circumstances have conspired against me.

    a) I've just been made redundant! (However, I've already got a short IT contract set up, so hopefully a change in career beckons). Self-employment needs a financial cushion that my Florry money has now been assigned to.

    b) I've only just started training again, having burnt out after TLD in July. A warning to all budding ironmen: This thing really takes it out of you! (But I'm guessing you knew this anyway).

    Good luck to those that are going. I may well try for IM Florry 2005.

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