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I was at the Hillish and Hellish 10 at Looe this morning, me and Flowerpower were wearing pirate kit snd a guy came up and asked us if we were the pirates from that book , turns out Mr Holgs book has inspired him to enter the Marizion half then go for an Ironman later (prob IM Wales) in the year . Good work Holgs good work ( must get the second one soon)


  • There is a second one? First one was brilliant only downside is i read the whole book in 2 days
  • I am sure a second one involving Lanza is out
  • It is - I've read it! Good, too image

  • I have read the second also. That man has a lot to answer for! Thanks Holgs. image
  • Just brought it so i dont have to suffer sunday night TV image
  • P.s. Did the Looe 10 go well for you guys? A friend of mine was running. Hope the weather wasnt too hellish!
  • I have read the second also. That man has a lot to answer for! Thanks Holgs. image
  • Ellie i had one of the best runs i have had for ages came 16th! Not bad for a fossil image
  • Well done on the race Max image


    Nice story as well.

  • Holgs you sod image just read your childbirth chapter in the new book it had me blubbing over my brekkie as it was a carbon copy of me and Mrs RBMs experience with our first daughter image
  • Just remimded me of something that happend a few months ago!

    I have a colleague, from one of our other offices, who is working in my office a couple of days a week. We got talking one day when he was using a desk close to mine. It was then that I found out he is training for Outlaw this year. I mentioned that I took part last year & I opened a photo of me approaching the finish line. His reaction! "Oh you're a Pirate!!" image image image image

    When I asked him how he new about us he said "I've read Andy Holgate's book"!

    I can confirm that  he has & has read book 2 as well! image

  • PapermanPaperman ✭✭✭

    RBM - you didn't skip to the last paragraph of that chapter like he told you to then?!

  • No i am made of sterner stuff image
  • Sorry I made you cry Max image

    Cool Story Little Sister.

  • when he's dead famous i'll sell my two signed copies and move to spain. great bloke whos always got time for you . Enjoy your new swimming aid Andy, we used to let the old dears in the leisure centre use them water running belts to hold their boobs up . Ha Ha only joking

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