Cabbage Patch 10

Hey all,

Really looking forward to this one now. My legs have stopped hurting after Windsor and I think that event may have been a watershed for me. I've only been running a year, felt rough most of the way round @ Windsor but still got my time. Now reckon sub 2h for a half is possible and I wouldn't have dreamed of that a few months ago.

So - anyone got their race number yet? Are any of the forum regulars entering? And how do I get hold of a coveted RWUFRC vest? I think you need some representation at the back of the pack!

:) Jo


  • Hi Jo,

    No race number yet. There's a few of us there so it should be a good race.

    You want a vest - hustle over to our website here and sign yourself up. Vest orders go out every couple of months when enough orders come in, and soon you'll be able to get long sleeved vests for winter running.

  • Jo are you on the Events forum thread for this one? I can't remember and I'm too lazy to look.
  • Hi Caz,

    Yes I was, but I too was too lazy to re-find it so I thought I'd open up a new thread in this forum!
  • I'll be there too. Must check the Events thread and pop over to the website and add myself there and update my race results.
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