I was in full training for Brighton Marathon and following a 18 mile session cut short through pain I have just been diagnosed with a scan showing almost likely a hernia in my lower abdomen. I don't really know much about them but had to pull out of Silverstone Half Marathon last weekend  as advised. Im waiting on a doctors appointment this week and due to do Brighton Marathon this year, although looking more and more unlikely.

Has anyone had any experience of hernias through marathon training. I tried to run this morning to see, only did 1 mile but there was bulge following.

Does a hernia always lead to an operation or can it improve with rest?


  • I thought I had one, but proved to be strain only, it was painful at times, mainly after running, but I never got the bulging, I personally wouldn't push that.

  • As far as Im aware it ok to push it back in, if it comes straight back out its a proper hernia, theres loads of info on google including a new type of procedure to fix it with a much quicker recovery time. I wouldnt do any exericise especially any lifting (obviously) and wait to see what your doctor says.

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