Why are freaky big veins popping out of one of my legs?

I don't know how long these have been there but I noticed them today. I did a 20 mile run yesterday. What the heck is going on with my leg? What are these jumbo nasty looking veins and why are they only showing in one leg? 

Here is my left calf which is fine:


 And here are two pics of my right calf!






  • Varicose veins by the look of them.  Support tights may help, but I would get them checked out by your GP, just in case you have any underlying issues.

  • To the docs with you. Those are varicose veins

  • KhanivoreKhanivore ✭✭✭
    Can I continue to run? Marathon is in 6 weeks.
  • use compression tights and you should be fine.  But agree with everyone else, get to the doctors just to make sure.

  • yep - varicose veins K - welcome to the club!   they're not uncommon (many of us suffer them of varying degrees) and shouldn't cause any problems running - certainly never caused me any, with or wthout compression gear.

    however, once they get extensive (your's aren't by the look of it) they can become painful and cause circulation issues but that doesn't usuallly apply to more active people who have them as you are boosting your circulation by exercise - which conversely maybe partly the root cause (along with genetics etc).

    I'm not convinced support kit helps - once you have them you have them - but may do so if really bad.

    they shouldn't stop your VLM run but if you are worried, or they are painful, go see your GP for some reassurance (although most GPs don't understand running so can give you any old guff!)

    PM me if you need

  • Quite glad those links didn't work!
    Are cyclists more prone to them?


  • The links work if you copy and paste them.

    I don't think cyclists are any more prone than any other group of people - its just that you can see them very clearly on their legs - much easier than say, on an oil rig worker or whatever.......
  • I think it's mainly genetic.

    Despite being very active, and a great one for walking, my dad had very bad varicose veins that he eventually had to have stripped out after a small accident had caused quite a major bleed (sorry, TMI) but his were unusually severe.

    His mum had them, as does his sister and her daughter who also had hers removed before they got too bad.

    It seems to have bypassed me, luckily.


  • KhanivoreKhanivore ✭✭✭

    Thanks guys - feel much more relaxed about it now. Will get them checked out at some point. Mine are not painful at all.

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