Ankles aching???

Hi Everyone! I am a newbie to running and i am trying to train to do my first 5k in june. I have started to do a podcast of couch to 5k nhs which seems to be quite good, as you really do start off slowly and build up! my only problem is my ankles seem to be aching more so my left ankle then my right! i am standing constantly at work all day and i am worried it could be affecting my running as my ankle starts to ache at work.

I run on concrete and dont seem to find it to be a problem as i have the correct foot wear and dont go to the exstremes, i try and run 4 times a week but do about 4 miles walking each day with my dog.

What could be causing my ankle ache?? i am worried it might turn in to a serious injury. are there any tips to protect my ankles whilst running?

siobhan xxxx


  • I think you need to be a bit more specifi about the 'ache'

    Where exactly
    What sort of pain
    When does it happen
    When does it go

    Points to consider
    Terrain you run on
    Not increase distance or time quickly
    Dont over stride
    Most importantly, are your shoes right for you

    Ice is good .. usually from the outside without the gin  image

  • Hello,

    I am also doing the Couch25K NHS plan, I'm currently on week 3 and I am having the same exact problem and it feels much worse in my left ankle. I would describe the pain as a sort of growing pain sensation. 

    I think icing it as mentioned above is a really good idea!

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