Is my bike fit for Triathlon

Hi guys

I am doing a triathlon in the summer and would like some advice on my bike. I have a 2011 Cube Agree GTC Pro, its a fantastic road bike but i dont know whether to fit this bike with time trial bars for the triathlon or maybe just tent a tri-bike.

Any advice appreciated.


  • If the bike you have is a road bike then it will be absolutely fine for a triathlon, as would a mountain bike or a hybrid if it is your first
    If you want to fit tri bars then this may make the bike (and you) a bit quicker ... I certainly wouldnt hire a TT bike unless I could have ridden it a few times befire the race

  • Can you even hire a tt bike ? I've never seen that.

    Your bike will be fine - there will be a lot of cheaper bikes there.

    I'd just do it without tri bars and see how you go.

    Tri bars take practice getting used to.
  • Whats the distance of the tri you are doing ?

  • Hi, I have been time-trialling (and the odd tri) for 21 years now and I think a couple of questions could help:

    1. Have you ever used tri-bars - they take getting used to.  If you buy some, do it sooner not later.  Practice.

    2. Are you supple - if you aren't able to hold a tucked position for a length of time, tri-bars won't be much help.  I've seen so many people fit them really high on the bars, so they don't actually offer an aero advantage and simply obstruct clear breathing/add weight.

    Have a look at: for other ways to get aero.  Moving your water bottle to behind your seat is cheaper and has more advantage than aero bars.  So does an aero helmet.


    Your bike is more than fine - it will be one of the better bikes, I'm sure!  I would focus on cadence and keeping low/comfortable.  Good luck!


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