Fat pad impingement syndrome -knee

Hi I think I may have fat pad impingement in both knees (left worse than right). I have read a bit on the Internet and wondered if anyone can advise with how long it takes to recover? So I have to rest completely? Walking is a bit painful but walking up/down stairs and leg extension is especially painful with the pain being medial and below the knee cap, with some associated swelling. I'm assumming this is what it is and ive done it by hyperextension due to relaxin as im post-natal and breastfeeding. I'm hopefully going to get a phsyio appt this week but would love any advice available based on experience as I have only just got back to training after having a baby and have a few races/ events planned- one being this weekend, but don't want to keep training if I'm going to make it worse and risk ruining my half marathon summer training.
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