Beginner to Half-Marathon. Is it possible?

I am not a runner by any means but I have always wanted to be and so I have taken the plunge and I'm doing a Couch25K plan. I am currently at the beginning of week three of nine and can run for about 90 seconds without wanting to pass out (which is an improvement on last week where I wanted to pass out at one minute).   As a motivator, I have signed up for a 5k race on May 18th and would like to finish in less than 40 minutes, but there is no time limit for this.   The thing is, I signed up to run a half-marathon and yesterday my entry was accepted. It's not until late November but I have to complete the first half of the race in 90 minutes or less or I get directed to retire and will not be allowed to finish the race.   Is it possible for me to be trained enough to run a half-marathon by November 2013? Considering I can only run for about 90 seconds at this moment in time!?


  • Yes! You can walk 6 miles in 90 mins.... You've gt half a year to prepare. Take it easy an enjoy the build up.
  • Jellybean, I ran my first 5k on a treadmill in November and I'm running a half marathon next weekend. You can do it, tkae it easy and build up slowly, you have plenty of time and you won't have to worry about retiring at halfway.

  • It's absolutely possible! I second all the advice posted above and would add that, with a slow and steady build up, you could probably finish a half-marathon eight weeks from now. You've got eight months! Relax and enjoy the training.

  • Thanks peeps, you have been very reassuring. I will definitely slow down and try to enjoy the process and not worry so much =)

  • Remember to post your progress, good and bad bits, on here.

    People on here are really supportive and will be able to help you along your journey to the half marathon event. The warmer weather and lighter mornings and evenings will be here soon, make the most of them and good luck,

    PS make sure you get your running style checked out a your local running shop and get some decent shoes.
  • Definetly, I started with the couch to 5k programme about 2.5 years ago, it took me a lot longer  than the 9 weeks to complete the programme, there was a lot of repeating weeks! but I got there eventually.   I've since run 6 half marathons and last weekend completed my 21 mile training run for the Manchester marathon on the 28th April.  I'm proof it works, if I can do anyone can.

  • I completed a half marathon about six months after starting a Couch to 5k programme, so it's definitely possible even with inconsistent training.


    Honestly though, my first half marathon was a bit of a struggle due to my inexperience as a runner, but there were plenty of other runners to commiserate with.

    I did the same half marathon the next year and had a much better time of it. (And improved my time by about 25 minutes image)

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    Loads of time trust me image  If I could manage a marathon from 0 in 22 weeks you can manage a half.  don't think you have to do it all in one go, you will probably end up with a plan that has you doing two or three 11-12 or so runs by the end.  You have loads of time to get ready for this don't rush it and enjoy the process.  The first month is the hardest it gets a lot easier after that.


    Good Luck.

  • All the comments here have been so encouraging to read so thank you all for taking the time to read my message and offer some reassurance.

    The fact that many of you have already achieved what I am aiming for is awesome and makes me see it really is possible image.

    As part of the 5k programme, today I ran for 3 minutes (I did this twice) and I didn't struggle with it. I was so elated when I finished. I'm a long way of my goals but I must remember that less than a month ago the three minutes I did today seemed impossible. 


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