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  • Great stuff Sarah. You obviously know your subject and are qualified to talk about it. You know as much as I do.
  • Sarah - thanks - really clear and informative.

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    Hey Bookie,

    I really like reading your posts as they're quite informative. Just as a quesiton: could you provide some examples of the good/right things to eat. You gave a list but perhaps an example would also help.

    E.g. a 10st woman would have 60g muesli with a teaspoon of nuts and 1 glass (200ml) of orange juice. Something that like to put it into perspective.

    I think that a lot of people eat breakfast but maybe not the right amounts (e.g. too little or too much).

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  • Surely there are too many variables?

    I'm a 10st (and a little bit) woman, and I run 20+ miles a week.  

    Another 10st woman may run three times that, a third 10st woman do half my mileage.

    We could have vastly different metabolic rates as well.

  • Worked examples of breakfasts with (average) carb counts for different food items.


    There are variables, but the recommendation is based on weight and a range is given based on energy demands (and therefore mileage). Without getting each person into a lab for testing it's impossible to take metabolic rate into account I'm afraid! 

  • Whatever you have before a race or long runs is it not about finding what works for you.

    For me it is always porridge, mainly because I worry about having to stop during a race to empty my bowels! Porridge seems to work for me with maybe a banana about an hour before the start.

  • Thanks for the article / link Sarah.

    A question on it if you wouldn't mind - if the '100g provides' nutrient listing on a product gives a carb figure of 60g of which 30g is sugars, can you assume the other 30g is complex, or can this 30g of 'not sugar' be something else?

  • Yes, that's correct. If the carbohydrates can't be classified as sugars then they will be complex carbohydrates. This is further broken down into starches and fibre, but the fibre content is often listed separately.

  • Why would you top up a tiny tank of fuel when you have a large tank of fuel going unused? Would you buy a car with a 5 litre tank or the car with a 50 litre tank?

    Fat v Carbs. I would argue that the following is not fully correct :

    "The metabolism of both fat and protein can (and do) provide energy to keep you moving, but the mechanism by which they are utilised is less efficient than that of carbohydrate stores."

    A fuel store that can only sustain for "~90 mins" until it is depleted vs a fuel store than can fuel you for many hours without depleting is more efficient, not less.

    The intake of carbohydrates limits your bodies ability to metabolise fats, for very high intensity activities then the carbohydrates are requried. However, they are best absorbed post exercise when the muscles (as glycogen is stored locally) are far more receptive when you do take them, so unless you are running relatively hard first thing in the morning and eating after then taking on board carbs is probably not the best way to periodise your day.

    Personally, I would suggest a higher protein and fat meal is better for breakfast.



  • The carb v protein diet argument is going to rumble on and on ...

    Seems to me that different things work for different people, but I do think that any diet/eating plan which severely restricts a particular food, or group of foods, is a bad thing.
    Surely you can eat any food(s) as long as you get them in the right proportions?

  • The recommendations I make are specifically for a pre-race breakfast - to optimise the carbohydrate fuel stores before a race image


  • Afraid I take a blokey view to a pre race breakfast and sling a couple of bananas down. Maybe plus an Eat Natural yoghurt & nut bar if it's a half or a handful of grapes for a 5K if I want a bit of short blast go.

    But how much is the meal the night before also relevant I often wonder? Especially for say a 10K at 10am. And, is therefore a holistic approach for a few days before the best strategy? Eg sleep and no junk food versus lager and kebabs.

    Though some swear that they have got their PBs after a night out on the lash.

    It's a fascinating subject about which I know zilch.

  • I thought it was a useful article.

    Quick question though, if I may?  I was always lead to believe that pasta - as in the pasta made from refined flour like 99% of pasta that gets eaten - was a simple carb, the same as white bread.

    Have I been misinformed?

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    My auntie took slimming pills once.  Turns out they were basically just speed - she was washing her windows at 3am.  Zooming.


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    Some people are so rude


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    Got nothing better to do than have you!!!


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    The recommendations I make are specifically for a pre-race breakfast - to optimise the carbohydrate fuel stores before a race image


    ok fair enough, I don't eat breakfast before a race image

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