Great British Relay World Record Attempt



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  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    It says that all stages are now free to enter.

    I'd be annoyed if I had paid my money early doors.
  • they posted on our running club looking for someone to do some legs art short notice.said they could change the route to shorten them if needed..........

    if they can change the route whenever seems a bit of a con..........

    anyway they must have been desperate because they were looking for someone to run in 12 hrs time and we live at least 2 hours drive away from the place they needed cover

  • Pax, guys, truce..whatever the word is. Fact is the relay is happening-only a few days left to go and we are going to do it next year too.  I made an offer many moons ago and I would like to make the same offer-please get involved and take your own stages of GBR2015. Let me know what you think.

  • I told you what I thought last year, and you responded with a series of derogatory PM's
  • In fact you called me a scum bucket......

    All we ever did was ask a series of questions that you refused to answer
  • So pax, truce perhaps?


  • Are you going to answer the questions ?

    Sorry, bit focused on a proper race, chat next week
  • I am the man that those guys came to support with less than 12 hours notice...

    I had ran in Cornwall on the saturday, travelled up to Devon on the sunday afternoon ahead of a second run on the monday, but got called away for an emergency. Although things turned out slightly different from what I was initially told on the phone I had to hurtle back from Devon to Oxfordshire believing that my mother had suffered a heart attack.

    seren..your comment about route changes...runners came close to dodging bullets during military live firing in Dorset, there were plans to run tidal roads although unfortunately on the day roads were submersed, and at stages the race fell behind pace and changes were needed so as not to jeopardise later stages. I myself ran on a day when the race was almost five hours behind schedule and along with Paul discussed plans and new routes to claw back time.

    As with anything new, anything different there will always be doubters, always those suspicious.

    I am so proud to say that I played a small part in the relay..well done Paul for all the time and effort put in to creating the event. Day by day many of the people that ran have become a virtual " Family"...and now that " Family" go onto something bigger and better for 2015.

  • Another 1 post wonder.....

  • Hello, 

    I just wanted to leave a quick message to say that i took part in this relay along with a big group from my running club. We ran 12 consecutive stages along the south coast and i personally ran from Kingsdown to Sandwich Bay (and then accompanied the next leg along to Pegwell Bay). 

    We all really enjoyed this and it was a great day out for us. There were zero complaints from our group. 

    In my opinion, this was a well organised event and as Graeme Marsh above noted, the people involved were all supportive of each other. There was a real 'feel good' vibe to the whole thing. 

    Logistically, this was a difficult feat to accomplish, but i thought Paul did a great job and it was clear to me that his passion and enthusiasm for running was genuine. 

    I should add, I am in no way related to Paul (the organiser), nor have i ever met him in person. And, before my running world forum profile is researched into - I am also happy to admit that i do not post on here regularly. I would add, however, that i have been a member of the forum for a number of years and do come on here from time to time, but have been deterred from posting on here from some of the negativity that i've seen on here.  

    Anyway, given some of the above comments, i felt that i would testify to my experience of this event. Obviously people are right to be cautious about what they enter and sign up to, but i am happy to report that i had no bad experiences of this particular event.




  • Hi just wanted to say that a few of us from out local running clubs took part in this event 4 stages in Wales x it was an amazing experience x made new friends x great feeling of belonging and meeting new people x organisation was great x Paul was prompt to reply to any queries x thank u Paul x

    it is a shame some people are so negative x 

    join in next year and then judge it x I am sure you will love it x

    also some people r nervous to post so please be kind to them when they do x try and nurture newbies not knock them even if u disagree with their thoughts/opinions/ ideas. Xxxxx

    thank u x

  • Something seems to be wedged in your 'x' key....

  • mrs bruffy3 wrote (see)


    it is a shame some people are so negative x 

    join in next year and then judge it x I am sure you will love it x


    I can only assume that the wonderful Paul answered all the questions you put to him about joining in ? Unlike here, where instead of answering civilly asked questions, He was reduced to calling people scum buckets 

  • Yes replied straight away really helpful and supportive x it was a pleasure to be a part of such a great event x


  • Why do some people have a lack cross with yellow background by their posts x

  • Black not lack lol x 

  • mrs bruffy3 wrote (see)

    Why do some people have a lack cross with yellow background by their posts x

    It really should be a Skull and Crossed Bones to signify the POSF Triathlon Group,

    Bunch of like minded nutters who do the odd event, Nothing on the scale of the Wonderful Paul's events tho

  • Ah x just done a TRi myself loved it  x will look to do more x 

  • The adjective "spartan" (see Wiktionary) refers to the frugal and austere nature of the Spartans. 

    austere ????st????,????-/ adjective  

    • severe or strict in manner or attitude. "he was an austere man, with a rigidly puritanical outlook" synonyms:

      severesternstrictharshunfeelingstonysteelyflintydourgrimcold,frostyfrigidicychillyunemotionalunfriendly,Dave the iron ex spartan, you chose your name well. Fortunately for the team that took part in the relay, we didn't have negative people like you taking part. I ran a stage at 3am along coastal paths and country lanes. The health and safety came down to me. Everyone is responsible for their own welfare. I am an adult and quite capable of looking after myself. It was a resounding success and we are all looking forward to the next one. A privilege Paul Shack. Well done on a well organised event!

  • ??ell said Katrina x the group for the GBR are all so,friendly and encouraging that it is a shock to come on here and find such negativity x 

    trying to show kindness so maybe kindness comes back xxx 

    Dave maybe time to move on u r not happy with Paul but there are a lot more people who are more than thankful for all his hard work and support x

    i wish u all the best in your endeavours x

  • Hello Katrina....

    Yet another one post wonder in praise of the wonderful Paul
  • Yep, I too was involved in the GB Relay. Had a great time, received lots of support from Paul and fellow runners, and I can't wait to do it all again. What's your issue with people who only post once, DTIES?

  • None at all Welcome Kate and I look forward to many more of your postings
  • My  only thoughts on so many people posting just what finally brought them to runnersworld.......most of you I take are runners...or triathletes as well......

    so whilst running for years you have never once found a single topic on the whole of this forum that interested you enough to race that you have ever done or injury you might have had.....

    why this year did you stumble on here and care enough to post......and whilst here still not found a single other subject that you felt was relevant to your life........


    when you get so many people just posting once on one looks to outsiders that it is all the same person just setting up multiple identities to post image

  • I'm a runner, but only for about a year. I've been visiting this site sporadically for a few months but, no, never felt moved to post anything before. I made a point of visiting here today rather than stumbling upon the thread because I'd heard about the conversation and wanted to support Paul and the GB Relay. I can confirm that the other posts are not all one person with multiple identities but you have the right not to believe me and to suspect that I'm Paul in disguise if you wish. I'm not big on posting on line so there's a good chance that I won't be back. Sorry if that annoys people.

  • No one accused you of all being the same person did they ?
  • Kate..thanks for clearing up why so many first time its been discussed elsewhere and people had been told about the discussions then it makes it clearer why so many people have posted as a one off.........

    It isn't just random coincidence.......its an organised thing..........that explains it all

  • I have posted on here a few times, as you can see from my profile, so you can see that I existed on the forum prior to this thread.

    Like Kate, I didn't stumble across the thread, but rather became aware that people had had some concerns/ suspicions about the event, so just wanted to note my experiences, in case it helped inform the debate.
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