ankle pain

This is my first post. I have been a runner for many years since a child (I'm nearly 50). But lately I have been having terrible problems running even a mile. Energy wise I could easily run ten miles, but my ankles won't let me. Sharpe stabbing pain in the outside of my right ankle, (and sometimes the inside of my left one) just below the ankle bone. Halts me on the spot. However, if I walk a little and give it a few minutes, I can usually carry on running fine, although just every now and again it jabs me unexpectedly. Funnily enough, it tends to happen when I put on my good running shoes, and not when I wear the all terrain walking/running boots I have. As I am keen to keep my fitness level up, I loath resting for a week or two. Any ideas as to why this keeps happening?   

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