Entry date for London marathon 2014 to get into ballot?



  • Hi,

    I ran the marathon last year and went on holiday 5 days later. The ballot opened whilst I was on holiday so its normally about a week after.

    Hope this helps.

  • Silly question but what time does the ballet open at on April 29th

  • Thanks for all the info here... planning to apply for the first time this year after doing a few half marathons.  Good luck to all applying!

  • Anyone know when they're likely to post the new Good For Age info for 2014? I've got a qualifying time for next year if they keep the same times as 2013 (but only just, so if they change them I'll need to go in the ballot!).

  • I'm looking into applying for 2014 London Marathion but have never done it before. All the information you have provided has been great but can anyone offer any details about the actual applying process and what's involved. Would really appreciate any information.

  • This year is the last year for the 5 rejections/automatic place system. So anyone rejected for the last 4 years will automatically get a place for 2014. Then it's pot luck for everyone!

  • amy.you go on the website.put your information in and your card details and press submit......

     same as most other on line purchases....

    it is different if you live abroad


  • Hello all i found this on the website

    Entries for the 2014 Virgin London Marathon will open online at www.virginlondonmarathonballot.comon Monday 29th April 2013

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    That link doesn't work Jason.

  • ballot opens on Monday 29th April.

    It's mentioned in the VLM Media Guide that Chimpster posted on this thread last Sunday.

    If previous years are a guide, the ballot will open at 9am.

  • I've decided that the VLM is over subscribed and, well, slightly over rated, afterall, it is only a marathon ! I'm doing the Brighton Marathon instead. I've already got a place and a hotel booked for the night before too

  • do Brighton 2014 instead, run a sub 3:10 then you have London GFA 2015

  • run the paris marathon,no ballet first come first surved image

  • if i had the money i'd pay for brighton ,

    i was planning for my first marathon in 2014 at milton keynes, i will ballot for london but beginners luck isn't my thing 

    it just seems so far away to commit to  - well to pay up and book things , i don't need to book anything for MKs i can walk to the start 

  • Applications usually open 1 week after the London Marathon has been run, so this year will be 28/29th April. Once 125,000 applications have been reached they close the ballot, and as only 37,000 get a place to run its very difficult to gain entry. There is an option in the application to forego your entry fee which puts you into another ballot to gain entry. Other than that you can get places through charities though you have to pledge a certain amount of money you will raise, usually around the ??2000 mark. Hope you get a place as it's a fantastic experience and the London crowd are superb.
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    Who asked about GFA? You'll need to keep peeled on this page for any changes, but I suspect if it was happening it would have been whispered about before now:

    I'd work off those times - remember you have until July to enter so no rush unlike the ballot image

  • Curly45Curly45 ✭✭✭

    Thanks. A lesson in how not to pace a marathon if people ever needed one! image

    The women's GFA is a bit soft for open age imo, but they'll never tighten it as its to keep a good proportion of women in that section of the race, they made it easier a few years ago...

  • CormorantCormorant ✭✭✭

    Ballot opened before 6am last year. I know this because I got up early to do it and have the email confirmation date 05:54am!

    Not that it did me any good, didn't get in. Entered the Edinburgh Marathon instead, but had to widthdraw recently due to knee injury. With luck 2014 will be my marathon year instead.

  • Sorry David, i meant around 37,000 in total get to run inclusive of ballot and charity places. So even harder to get a place when you look at it like that.
  • I recall that last year that a lot of people were at their keyboards at midnight expecting a prompt opening (and on the forum at the same time) but nothing happened. I signed up around 9am the next morning and according to others the opening was around 4am but had been a different time the previous year.

    As far as I'm aware the ballot has closed on the first day every time for the last few years but last year was open for much of the day, so no need to stay up all night or skip breakfast!

    My first entry I went for the "forfeit your fee to charity if you don't get in" option (they say it's for an exclusive extra 1000 places) and I got a place. Not sure if through the first ballot or the extras. I think the chances are similar if I recall the maths of other posters but of course you get two chances this way. I didn't click that option last year and didn't get a place but I'm not drawing conclusions from that.

    Most charities ask you to commit to 2k raised if you want one of their places. A few ask you to guarantee it. Some will even sell you a place.

    Probably worth noting that the charities pay something like 350 quid to buy their places which surprised and disappointed me but explains why they don't want anyone taking a place and raising next to nothing.

  • Martin, I tried that option and didn't get in.

    I will be keeping the money this year, saving it for Edinburgh if I don't get in London. I did Nice to Cannes marathon in November and going for Amsterdam later this year

  • lucky for me i have worked for the owner of Sports Tours International and got a free guaranteed place through his company.

    However I've moved on and will now have to go through the ballot.may look at Edinburgh for a new challenge.

  • Sticky88Sticky88 ✭✭✭

    Does anyone know why the GFA for women age 18-49 is a range 3:15 to 3:50? Is this further age sub catergories within this?

  • Sticky88 wrote (see)

    Does anyone know why the GFA for women age 18-49 is a range 3:15 to 3:50? Is this further age sub catergories within this?

    i thought it was just a more generous allowance on time to encourage more female runners to participate image

  • Sticky88Sticky88 ✭✭✭
    XcurlytwigX wrote (see)

    i thought it was just a more generous allowance on time to encourage more female runners to participate image

    What happens if you do a sub 3:15?? Not that it will be a problem for me..image

  • What happens if you do a sub 3:15?? Not that it will be a problem for me..image

    ooo dunno i hadn't considered this , i wonder how many 'non elite' women do run it sub 3:15 ? soemone will know ...  i don't think i'll ever get GFA time but i will do a marathon .... 

  • You can go for championship start I think for women it's 3 hours for marathon and 2:45 for men
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