Knee Pain - New Runner

I have recently started running and have completed a few 3 mile runs with ease. I attempted a 10 mile run last Monday and 7 miles in to it had a real dull ache in my right knee (roughly to the right hand side of my knee cap). I initially put this down to fitness and thought I would carry on through the ache but was unable to run due to the pain I was feeling however I was able to finish the last 3 miles at a brisk walking pace. My dad is a more experienced runner and advised me I had rather done to much to early or it could be the trainers I was wearing. I have since been and got my gaits measured and he was correct with that as the trainers I had would have been ideal 10 years ago but the "bubble" had burst and they were no longer suitable so I purchased a new pair! I tried to attempt another run a few days later but my knee started to hurt again (old trainers) before I had even completed 1 mile so i once again walked home in little pain. Yesterday I was due to attempt another 10 mile run (new trainers) but just 3 miles in to it the same happened again. This time however my knee seems to hurt more and moving a load of washing from the sofa to a chair really hurt my knee. When i put my hand on my knee and move my leg it feels OK but does crack slightly but with no pain. It seems to only hurt when I run.


Did I just over do the first run?


Any help will be great as I have registered for a local 10k run in Woodbridge that I really want to take part in and having bought a new pair of trainers I don't want to give up now!!!




Liam Kennedy 

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