Venice marathon 2013

I'm in.  Anyone out there joining me? 


  • I'm not but i'm just popping in to say "Hi"

  • Shame TJB!  It is getting lonely here image  I'm going to have to jump on the Berlin thread (assuming they will have me) as I will miss pace of the Paris thread otherwise.

  • Sounds amazing but 27th October is Great South Run day for me. I'm in awe of those that can get round a marathon course. I'm hoping that a 10 miler will be a step on the way for me. I started running 18 months ago but have had 4 months out (doctor's orders following a knee MRI) and am coming back to it slowly - and by slowly, I mean sloooooowly! Really frustrating as I'd just broken the 8 minute mile barrier for a 10k before the dreaded ITB/chondromalacia struck!

  • Bon courage Hedgepuffin - you'll get there.  There's nothing quite like a marathon  image

  • I'm in! Looking forward to it. It's just after the York marathon (home town) so resisting the temptation to do that as well. It's my first one...bit nervous already!

  • So that makes two of us doing Venice Mark....brilliant, I am no longer alone.  

    Hasn't the York marathon sold out?  Besides which, Venice will be MUCH more fun!  The course is as flat as a pancake but we need to reserve energy for the little bridges at the end of the race.

  • I'm in so is the other half along with another 4 fetches, so no illy no mates' anymore

  • Brilliant news Running Postie.  Have you booked accommodation yet?  I have found a fab apartment but can't get flights so will have to drive 14hrs from Toulouse....good job that I have an understanding family image  When does your training schedule start?

  • Training starts today!!!  18 weeks today I hope to be walking around Venice with bruised toes and a new PB.

  • How's the training Elizabeth? I've been struggling with holiday excesses, but getting into it now. 

    Have you booked hotels etc? I've gone for one of the hotels near the Expo on the Saturday night, but my wife wants something slightly more glamorous for Sunday & Monday!!!


  • Hi Mark, training going quite well.  Trying to do loads of cycling so as not to become injured.  Did a 26km run this morning which felt slow but I live in a really hilly area so it is to be expected.  How's your training coming along?

    Re accommodation I've booked an apartment via  We arrive on the Saturday and are there for a full week image  HomeAway are really good and I recommend them.

    I'm not getting notifications, don't know why.  I happened to stumble accross a question about Venice marathon and this was the response that might help us.

    irregular wrote (see)

    A good event. I did this a couple of years ago and can report that apart from the small bridges actually in Venice the course is dead flat.The race has pacers who were pretty good.Crossing over the Grand Canal on the temporary bridge was fantastic as was the lap around St Marks Square.British tourists gave me a cheer as I was

    wearing a running vest with a union jack logo ( think about that ?)

    The buses to the start are crammed and I would advise that you turned up early to get a seat. It will be dark when you get to the bus station.Scout this out prior to the day.

    At the actual race start large tents with seats in exist and free cups of tea can be obtained.

    The finish is possibly one of the best in the world !

    Good luck.


  • Hi, bit late to the party on here but my wife and i have entered, looking forward to it, right now torn between running hard for a PB or taking it easier to soak up the sights. Just finished the Moray Marathon on Sunday, which was a long training run as i had not run more than 14 miles in training after an ironman in July, but now have my running mojo back so bring on Venice..


  • I'm more than a little jealous of you all. I've done Venice and have been a supporter. If anyone would like my notes on the event itself  and the weekend in general, PM me.  Good luck, all of you. The Finish is, indeed, spectacular.

  • ATM.I have PMed you! 

    Elizabeth sorry for not getting back to you, regarding training. I don't really train for the marathon as such as it is normally at the back end of tri season. however, I did the Rugby rover 30km a couple of weeks ago and last week I did a half ironman on the Sat and a 10 mile road race on the Sunday, so I'm sure I can get round Venice nice and comfortably. (I so hate doing long runs on my own)

    Ewan as nice as Venice will be (I'm sure) I plan to run for a PB.

  • Hello all, not getting notifications from RW so very slow to respond....sorry.  Time is marching on!  Getting increasingly excited.  

    Very jealous Running Postie that you don't have to train per se!  My LSRs are up to 18 miles now and my children won't come any where near my toes as they are already discoloured....a true sign of high mileage.

    ATM - are you quite sure that you don't want to join us?

    Nervous about the bus to the start.  I'm planning to go on my own and meet my family at the end.  I hope that the expo explains exactly where to board the bus and at what time.  

  • I'm in too!  Can't wait image.  Sounds like your training is going well Elizabeth.  I did a 24 miler a couple of weeks ago and although it was tough, felt ok the next day - apart from the toenails! 

    I'm slightly concerned about picking the bus up in time too - it's such an early start and small "window" for catching the shuttle bus (I'm racing on my own, but my sister will be at the end to scoop me up!).  I'll do a dry run I think before the race day and get my bearings.  I'm there from 24th to 29th, so will soak up the sites before and after the race.  Aiming to run a pb for this one - just hope my legs hold out on the bridges!!

    Good luck to everyone running it.  Have a fab time!


  • I'm in. I can't wait. Training mostly done now. Just a big bowl of pasta and a little jog ahead! image

  • SalC - 24!  My longest run has been 21 miles but I do live near the Pyrénées so everywhere around here is hilly.  I too am hoping for a PB.

    I am still fretting about this bloody bus that will take us to the start.  Will the expo explain where we catch the bus and at what time or is there info' on the website? I am a worrier; I will worry if there there isn't anything to worry about!! 

    Hello Pottermoss image

    I arrive in Venice the day before the race so the sights will be new and exciting for Sunday.   


  • From what I've read the buses go from Mestre train station, if anyone want to try and meet up for the buses, let me know on here, will check back.

  • Ewan Gordon - I'm staying in Venice so will there be transport to the start of the race? 

  • Ok, 12 days to go! Has everyone got there fit to run forms completed?
  • Sorry for the delay, yes this is the bus pick up

    To get to the start area

    Good luck to everyone on sunday my own build up has been scuppered by illness over the last two weeks so my sub 3 goal looks gone as for the forms, we have Scottish athletics membership so don't need to do the medical bit.

    Good Luck


  • well, installed, got bib and ready for it - the ending with pontoon and bridges looks spectacular - good luck all image

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