foot strike - shoes - calf pain

Always run 5k 10k and HM on my forefoot/ toes and farily quickly.

Now stepping up distances and running volume towards Marathon and beyond. Massive problems with calves not liking it. I have given loads of time to build up and done loads of strengthening stuff. The calves are not having it.

One Solution - change to mid strike of foot. But what sort of shoe is best for this? any ideas? Always had Miz Wave Inspire 7/8/9? Do I need more support or less or irrelevent.

Any other solutions welcome?






  • You can learn to mid foot stike in pretty much any shoe. The only difference that 'flatter lower' shoe is that it helps to get in a better position.

    No shoe ever puts you in a strike position, you still have to work on your posture and weight of impact.

    I learnt to mid foot strike wearing a pair of Mizuno nexus. (normal suppprt shoes)

  • Jethro, were you coming from heel strike direction or forefoot?

    Any tips for making the transition apart from concentrating hard to keep form?
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Not sure if you can do anything but run miles and miles to strengthen the calves.

    I know someone who has had the same problem and he's never managed to get beyond 20 miles before seizing up.

    That's payback for the time he gains over shorter distances.


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