Foot Pain

I have recently treated myself to a new pair of running shoes.  Having always ran in Nike shoes I thought it was time for a change so went out and purchased a pair of Brookes GT 13. My first run in the new shoes was OK a small amount of discomfort which I put down to the new shoes. However this has gotten progressively worse and I am experiencing pain in the arch of my foot.  Has anyone else experienced a similar thing and what advice could you give me as it has been over a week and I am still unable to run.


  • Ian, what made you pick these shoes? (I assume you mean the Adrenaline GTS 13?) I believe they are a stability shoe, do you need that amount of support?
    the arch support may be too much for you.

  • I moved up to the Adrenaline 13 from the 12 a month ago and have had agonising foot pain and had to take a lot of time out. On checking the design, Brooks have added a large section of rigid fabric on the inside of the arch which extends further down towards the forefoot. This is causing my metatarsals to be squeezed together, and from the pain they must be rubbing together too. I'm returning them to Amazon and will try a size larger or, if that doesn't work, switch brands.

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