Falkland Islands

Shouldn't the British vote if we want to keep them !  


  • By that logic can we vote to get rid of the Isle of Wight ?
  • Why would we not want to keep them?

  • Not just the Isle of Wight. There are bits all over the UK that people would vote to get rid of. Perhaps we need a poll here. Which bit of the UK should we vote out?

  • They have oil Meldy
  • And penguins.
  • I know that Dave, hence my question

    oil and fishing rights are worth a fortune

  • And penguins as the man says... All that chocolate
  • and some fabulous wildlife image

  • can we vote to get rid of Scotland ? Or at least Alex salmond !

  • First it was the Mancunians - now its the Falklanders and the Scots eh ?
  • Altringham would be a good start point.......

  • Ok First Manchester (one misreable & wet  city)  then Scotland (the bit with Alec Salmond in)

  • Why are people picking on me?

    I like the Falklands, the people are interesting, and the scenery is gorgeously similar to the Scottish Highlands, but without the 2 major pests. No midges, and no Salmond.

    And I'm from Manchester.

  • When is this Falkland's oil that they have been talking about for over 30 years going to start pouring out of our forecourt pumps?
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    This was surely the most pointless referendum ever. Asking British people (and not any Johnny Foreigners who might be lurking) in a British territory if they're British and wish to remain so.

    They might as well hold a referendum in Liverpool to ask Scousers if they're Scousers, banning any Mancs who happen to live there from voting.


  • I'd get rid of the whole of engerlaand.........with all the royal family.........send them all to the vatican city

  • Humungously pointless, whatever one's view of the Falklands (and mine is, since you didn't ask, is that they should be given independence and have their borders guaranteed by international treaty).

  • Who defends them after that then?


    If you gave the Falklands independence, they'd be taken over by the Argies within the next half hour.


  • I was partly tongue in cheek. i would, however, suggest having their borders guaranteed by us and by the UN.

  • UN don't seem very effectual at protecting other borders around the world..

  • ... and they wouldnt be able to find the Falklands   image

  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    Give them independence but guarantee to protect their borders - isn't that the worst of both worlds - we get all the costs and risks but no potential oil revenue or whatever else is supposed to be down there.  

    Personally I think the Falklands should remain British if they want to - they are a long way from Argentina and their historical claim to them seems no stronger than ours - in which case the fairest thing seems to be let the inhabitants decide to stay British or not. If they didn't though they aren't our problem.


  • the dude abides wrote (see)


    For someone who hates Britain, he looks a hell of a lot like a British comedian, Jim Bowen. image

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