So insanity, Shaun T belives this is the hardest workout ever put on to DVD. Who agrees. I have just started today Monday 11th March 2012. Is any one else undergoing this programme or thinking about taking part. I wanted to start this thread so we could share thoughts and ideas.




  • I think there's already a thread on this on the forum?  Have a look, it's here somewhere.

  • There certainly is one somewhere .... srtrangely I have not been near it image

  • Hi,


    Yea i have seen the other Insanity Forum cheers, Just wanted to start my own. Hopefully we can build a good chat foroum on the subject. image

  • I am sure the others will be delighted image

  • HI, I've also just started as of yesterday so am on Day 2.

    Are you sticking to the diet plan? I'm going to try stick to the 5 meals plan and up my protein intake. Have you noticed any results in the first week?

  • Hi Stef, Im not sticking to the diet plan. I think its a good idea to if you can. What are you trying to gain from doing the insanity programme ?

    I have also upped my protein intake although this is more for recovery than any thing else. I am on week 2 now. I haven't found it that difficult to stick to so far, I only rest on the actual rest periods and try not to stop on any exercise until instructed to do so.

    I haven't noticed any change as of yet but I'm sure on the next fit test i will have improved on my results. Maybe a few more weeks changes may appear. Although I believe its only natural to improve as you no what score you already have to beat, makes you push a little bit more.

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    I did Insanity in 2010 and loved it. There's a lot to be learnt from it and it will push you if you push yourself.

    I followed the diet plan as in the first week i was eating SO much as i was so hungry.

    RoyalR1 - if you're not finding it difficult you must be doing something wrong or superhuman. Are you doing the movements correctly? If you're doing it correctly - you should be begging for the 30 sec rest at the end of every 3minutes.

    The changes will appear after the first month (or they did for me at least).

  • Hi Emmy,

    Its all about pushing yourself I am a firm believer in this, I mean I haven't found it difficult to stick to following the programme as I know people miss days even in the first few weeks lol.

    I certainly am blowing throughout and I do enjoy the rest, it is defiantly needed. I do manage to keep up with sean T and even push harder than most on the programme. This may change as the programme gets harder.

    What kind of changes did you see ?

  • Hi All,

    I am about to embark on this Insanity Challenge starting monday as i have 4 really long shifts at work to get out of the way first! i am anxious, excited about doing it, reading the other forum on here too i know it will be hard, im worried about fitting it in between certain shifts as i work 12 hr shifts so days are really long already!

    However, i am lookingto tone, loose weight and be fitter! the only thing i am confused with, should i definately have a protien drink after each excersize and then count that in my daily calories so i will still lose weight? also i am worried i will bulk up and that is the last thing i want to do??


  • you are going to use an extra 400 - 600 calories a day doing insanity so if your diet is ok now and you dont need to lose too much extra weight eat them calories or youre not going to be able to put the required effort into the exercise, it depends if you are doing for weight lose or core strength


  • HIya

    I started Insanity about 2 weeks ago and although am not following the 6 day routine as per the plan, I am doing the routines 4 times per week with at least a couple of runs on top of that.

    My original idea was to use it to help with my core and therefore assist with stability in my running and although it is a little early to see if that is the case, I am certainly burning the calories, find each session pretty tough and as ROYALR1 mentioned above, I like to push myself a little. I don't go in for the promoted pre and post shakes but do take protein afterwards.

    I have tried to log on to make use of the 'Beachbody Tools' but can only find a site that accepts addresses in US or Canada.  Has anyone had any luck finding a UK equivalent?

  • The guys who started in march ? Any results to report ? Did you stick at it ?
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    I bet they're well hench now.


  • Does becoming Hench qualify you for a position as Henchman in some kind of evil organisation? How do you qualify as an evil genius who has henchmen at his beck and call instead?

  • I have done this full workout and lost 28lbs over the course of it. 

    Very good results if you put the work in. When I started it around this time last year I was very unfit and a smoker and still got decent results.

    Anyone who is interested in before and after pics....

  • I have lost 10kg since taking up running about a year ago and as with anything, benefits are only achieved if you put the effort in.  After doing Insanity for only 2 weeks, it is clear to me that if you complete the 60 day course at that intensity, you have to lose weight and get more fit especially if your net calories are also reducing.  Insanity gives a structured format for training that is probably easier and more efficient to follow than setting your own goals.  That said, I am a massive fan and although I don't think that I will ever be 'hench', I will achieve my goals of toning up, improving the speed and increasing the distance off my runs together with reducing the risk of injury by improving my core strength.  Would be nice to have the Insanity tools in the UK though as a guide to achievement though I monitor my own results and have created graphs to do this.  How has anyone else measured their improvements?

  • hi

    anyone still doing insanity or is it so yesteryear?

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