Muddy trail runs near Ashford?

Hi all

Looking for some ideas for muddy trail runs within about 20 miles of Ashford please.

About 4 - 6 miles, preferably some hills.

Tried King's Wood in Challock. Blean Wood looks like an idea.


(obviously I know the mud depends on the weather but you know what I mean!)


  • WW - I used to live in Mid Kent, about 10 miles from Ashford. The train was very handy for getting places & I used to travel a lot to the Julie Rose stadium and the Tonbridge stadium for traning. Unfortunately most runs in Kent seemed to be on country roads. There are some forests in the South of Kent, but they are probably too far for you to get to.

    We used to do a lot of trail running in Hemstead forest, which is perhaps a 30 min drive from Ashford. It's near Benenden. Also used to run a cross country league from Canterbury University - near Blean.

    On a nice day Hastings is worth a trip too - you can do a run in the country park which is behind the sealife centre - very undulating. I used to go there about once a month in the summer. It's worth the journey every now & then.

    Rye is another scenic place worth visiting for a run - I'm sure there are some scenic public footpaths, but it was so long ago I visited I cant remember exactly. Enjoy image


  • Thanks! Hemstead forest looks good so we'll give that a go!

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