Energy Gels

I am looking for research articles on when and how Energy Gels work? I want to know if they work in a few minutes or in 30 mins.


  • I've read it's about 20 minutes.
  • Probably about that to be absorbed and used - though, trials show you can fool the brain into thinking you've had carbohydrate by rinsing your mouth out with a carb solution and you still get a performance increase: not sure how long this effect takes.

    My cousin swears his caffeine containing gels worked in last weekend's HM within less than 5 minutes each time.

  • Next Tuesday

  • It depends on the gel and the individual - surprisingly! Some contain about 10 -15% fructose which can be absorbed and utilised within 2 or 3 minutes. The other 85% is normally maltodextrin which can take upto 20 mins to be absorbed - so you get a continuous supply of 'extra' energy throughout this timeframe.

    So your cousin may be right, Daeve

  • and if they're caffeine loaded gels, you can get that caffeine hit within a couple of mins and before the carbs have kicked in - it can feel a bit like a rocket boost

  • Where are you getting your information? I am looking for proof. I want data. Where is the research?
  • Who cares about data ? Everyone above uses then, as I do and we understand how it affects us...

    Too many variables anyway, some one FB's or my size can metabolise a beer quicker than a midget, I expect the same is true for a gel..

    Always worth trying them out during training
  • Shelly, proof / data from consumers of gels? If you are looking for good and bad research data would the manufacturers / researchers be a good starting point, or get reading Tim Noakes for some unbiased research.
  • Shelly - maybe try google if you're wanting specific information. I'm not doing your work for you.
  • Try google!! it took me 2 minuteds to find half a dozen pier reviewed articles on said subject image

  • sorry Cougie - x post!!

  • Great minds eh ?

    (and is it just me - or does she come across quite arsey ?)
  • maybe its caffenine gel withdrawl? image

  • I hope you've got research papers to back that up....

  • Rafiki wrote (see)

    maybe its caffenine gel withdrawl? image

    caffenine gel??  where can I get this caffenine stuff??  is it any better than caffeine?? I need to know.  and I need to know now.  I can't be arsed googling for caffenine as it keeps saying "do you mean caffeine?". just tell me now!!!  image

  • I see you're on LSD now, FB

  • Bing and google searches don't give links to research on this topic. I don't want opinion articles. I am not asking for you to do my work. I am reaching out to the friendly running community to see if they have come upon any research. I don't want you to waste your time responding unless you can be helpful. And no I am not bad tempered, I am actually quite nice and joyful.
  • Not trying very hard Shelly.. I googled "sports gels research" and first hit of thousands was

  • These are just some I had lying around the place image

    Coggan, A..R., & Coyle, E.F. (1988). Effect of carbohydrate feedings during high-intensity exercise. Journal of Applied Physiology, 65(4), 1703-1709.

    Jacobson, T.L., Febbraio, M.A.., Arkinstall, M.J., & Hawley, J.A. (2000). Effect of caffeine co-ingested with carbohydrate or fat on metabolism and performance in endurance-trained men. The Physiological Society, 86(1), 137-144.

    Jentjens, R.L.P.G., & Jeukendrup, A..E. (2005). High rates of exogenous carbohydrate oxidation from a mixture of glucose and fructose ingested during prolonged cycling exercise. British Journal of Nutrition, 93, 485-492.

    Yeo, S.E., Jentjens, R.L.P.G., Wallis, G.A.., & Jeukendrup, A..E. (2005). Caffeine increases exogenous carbohydrate oxidation during exercise. Journal of Applied Physiology, 99, 844-850

  • Why would google not give links ? Unless its a big conspiracy.

    Clearly Dave and Rafiki are in on it too !
  • Please stop being mean.
  • There is no need to be mean.
  • cougie wrote (see)
    Why would google not give links ? Unless its a big conspiracy.
    Clearly Dave and Rafiki are in on it too !

    I'm trying for a degree in googling

  • Well done Shelly - you can say please.

    Now you can work on "Thank You" to the nice runners who have found the papers you wanted.
  • In her defense, google or bing are not that good at finding research papers. Although Dave is obviously masterful in its use!!

    Shelly - if you use Google Scholar, it'll give you a lot of good reference material image

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